On Black Friday Was Your Inbox As Stuffed As Your Belly On Thanksgiving?

Is your email inbox overstuffed

For many of you (in the U.S.) who celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday, you may have been fortunate to sit down to a bountiful meal. I hope you found yourself in the company of those you love, enjoying turkey (unless you’re a vegetarian) and all the trimmings. Like many, you probably walked away satiated and experienced the typical turkey coma. After the celebration, you retreated to bed and what did you discover on Friday morning? Your belly may no longer have felt bloated, but perhaps … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Tip: Change is Coming, Back Up Your Profile

LinkedIn changes

As with all social networks (and with life, in general), things change. Here's a quick heads up that LinkedIn is going to be making some changes to their desktop User Interface (UI). There are rumors flying about regarding which features they're going to keep and which ones they'll take away - especially for those using the free version. The rumors I've heard so far are that they may take away the feature where you can track Relationships (i.e., notes, reminders, tags) as well as Advanced … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tip: Make Your Content Upbeat and Inviting

Upbest copywriting

With all the information available to you online, you've probably read numerous articles, sales pages, and e-books. Notice anything different from one piece to the next - even when they're on the same topic or promoting the same product/service? I'm referring to the different tones used or the moods set in the writing style used by the author or copywriter. Simply by changing a few words or adding punctuation and pauses, a writer can change how you - the reader - feel about what you're … [Read more...]

Five Benefits of Participating in Virtual Book (Blog or Business)Tours

Virtual Book Tour for Authors

Thanks to guest blogger, D’vorah Lansky You may have heard the term, “Book Tour” but in case you have not heard of the term “Virtual Book Tour” I’d like to explain what that is and share how you can use this process to promote a book, a blog, a business, or anything you’d like. With a traditional book tour, authors travel from venue to venue to talk about and sell their books. The thing is, there is no way to know how many people will show up or how many books you will sell there. … [Read more...]

What’s Happened To Our Human-To-Human Connection?

human to human connection

Are we so connected to our devices that we're forgetting the human connection? I fear it is so. How about you? It seems like hardly anyone picks up a telephone just to say, "Hi, how are you?" anymore. It's someone's birthday, they get a text or a message on Facebook. Someone passes onto the spirit world and condolences are spread the same way (i.e., text, Facebook). Does anyone take time to write and send a handwritten note? What happened to the human-to-human connection via voice … [Read more...]