Five Steps to Creating a Mesmerizing Marketing Message

Mesmerizing marketing

My guests on the May Marketing Blab were Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan. They are the owners of BuzzBooster Media – a mother and daughter team of marketing advisors committed to showing you how to achieve long-lasting prosperity. They create brain-based marketing (aka Neuromarketing) plans that help you understand behavior and create messages which resonate with your prospects on an emotional level. During the program, Shahar and Nashlah revealed a five-step process designed to help you get more … [Read more...]

Seven Strategies To Turn Yours Into An Irresistible Business

Irresistible marketing

Thanks to guest blogger, Shahar Boyayan. On May 13th, mother/daughter team Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan will be guests on the Marketing Blab. We'll be blabbing about how to mesmerize your audience. In the meantime, Shahar shares some pointers below for creating an irresistible business. Creating an Irresistible Business You heard this one before: People are overwhelmed with information. Not only that, many are now more anxious and more resistant to buy. They know we all have too much stuff … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards In July

Christmas Cards in July

Thanks to guest blogger, Brian Kurtz I first thought about writing this post as I waited on a very long line at the post office last December, behind a guy with a shoebox full of Christmas cards stamped and ready to go. But I wanted to wait a bit so we would be far enough away from Christmas so I could ask you the following question: “Have you sent lots of follow up cards, letters and/or gifts to at least some of your favorite people in the last three months since you sent out your … [Read more...]

A Lesson In Personal Branding From Prince

A Lesson In Personal Branding From Prince

During the recent Saturday Night Live tribute to Prince, Jimmy Fallon said “Larger than life, fashion, music, you couldn't take your eyes off him. I mean, he had his own color. Who has their own color? He owns purple...” Purple was synonymous with Prince. After his passing, the Empire State Building was lit up in purple as was the Eiffel Tower, New Orleans’ Superdome, Niagara Falls, Chicago’s skyline and more. Whether it was a conscious effort on his part or not, you could say the color … [Read more...]

Pointers For Writing Great Copy With Strong SEO Value

copywriting for SEO

Thanks to guest blogger, Sparky Parker No matter how advanced the field of online marketing gets, there will always be a vital role for copywriting. Your web pages are nothing without content and in order to get content you have to write it or have it written. You want your pages to be easy to find and that means engaging in some SEO (search engine optimization). Stop Mining The Surface Back when people started optimizing for search engine performance, it was mostly a numbers game. The … [Read more...]