Whose right is it anyway?

Whose right is it anyway?

It is not uncommon for me, as a copyWRITER, to receive phone calls from people who are actually seeking information about copyRIGHTS. I explain the difference(s) to them and direct them to the Copyright Office’s home page. It’s also not uncommon, for those company professionals who do understand the difference between “write” and “right,” to think that they own the rights to use copy for whatever purpose they want. This is not the case and it is my hope to clarify this for you in this … [Read more...]

Quick Copywriting Headline Tip: Give Prospects Helpful Information

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What do your prospects want from you? Here's today's quick copywriting headline tip: When writing your headline, provide your readers with helpful, useful information. For example, "Five reasons why using numbers in your headlines works." Or "Four ways to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods." Remember, one way to create a rock-solid, attention-getting headline is to deliver helpful, useful information that resonates with your prospects and customers. Have a tip … [Read more...]

Quick Copywriting Tip: How Do You Write Headlines That Go Ka-Ching?

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How do you create a rock-solid headline that grabs attention and goes ka-ching? According to veteran direct response copywriter (and my mentor), the late Eugene Schwartz, "Your headline has only one job - to stop your prospect and compel him or her to read the second sentence of your ad." Advertising guru David Ogilvy said, "On the average five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy." So, here's a quick copywriting tip when you're writing headlines: Promise … [Read more...]

Marketing Mistakes: Are You Guilty of this Marketing No-No?


Marketing strategies, there are many of them. And, there are probably just as many marketing mistakes that are commonly made as well. One of the questions I received recently was, "What's a marketing 'no-no' when it comes to social media marketing?" It's probably happened to you. You get a friend request on Facebook or a connection request on LinkedIn and no sooner do you accept the request when the next message you receive from that person is a sales pitch. Here's my advice. Ditch the … [Read more...]

Writing to Your Prospects’ State of Awareness

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As a savvy marketer you know that it's important to understand who you're talking to before you hire a copywriter and ask them to write your next brochure, Web site or blog post. However, it's also important to know more than demographics . . . even more than lifestyle information. Do you know your target market's state of awareness about your product or service? What is their present state of knowledge about it and the satisfaction that it performs? Just like a promotion that speaks to … [Read more...]