Quick Copywriting Tip: Address Your Prospects’ Concerns

Quick Copywriting Tips

Do you know that the job of your headline is to get your prospects to read the next line? You want to make sure your message touches, resonates and connects with your prospects. Here's today's quick copywriting tip: When writing your headline, address your prospects’ concerns. For example: “Facing foreclosure here are three questions to ask your lender before they take away your home” OR “Need money now here are ten legitimate ways to make a quick buck.” Remember, when you’re … [Read more...]

Does Your Desire for Perfection Lead to Procrastination?

Perfection vs. Procrastination

Does your desire for perfection lead to procrastination? It did for me. For the longest time now I’ve been saying I would do more video, but I always thought my hair needs to be perfect, my makeup needs to be perfect, the lighting needs to be perfect and as a result, I just procrastinated. So I just "went for it." Took out my selfie-stick, went out on my lanai and hit record. Here’s my Monday Morning Musing, au naturel - no makeup, no fancy lighting - just me and my iPhone... … [Read more...]

Print Marketing: Dead or Alive?

Print is not dead

When my colleague Linda Pizzitola shared her guest post “In Print We Trust: A Valued Branding and Marketing Tool” on my blog, it reminded me of a French commercial I’d seen online a couple of years ago. Titled, “Le Papier Ne Sera Jamais Morte” (Paper Will Never Be Dead), you can view it below and enjoy a good laugh. In today’s digital world, it seems one might think that print media has gone by the wayside, but I disagree. Take a look at your email inbox each morning and be honest, are … [Read more...]

In Print We Trust: A Valued Branding and Marketing Tool

In Print We Trust

Thanks to guest blogger, Linda Pizzitola When a relative of mine asked me to create her new logo, we started with my usual logo questionnaire. Once her logo was complete, we then collaborated on a brochure to showcase and promote her consulting services. She expected to start with a questionnaire for that too, but I didn’t have one at the time. However, I did unearth this buried old post from a 2006 Graphics Grapevine that 1) summarizes some benefits of having a printed promotional piece … [Read more...]

Are Newsletters In Your Marketing Toolbox?

Marketing toolbox

When you think of direct marketing promotions, a newsletter probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, it can be a great direct marketing tool for promoting your product or service. As Lila Freilicher explained in her article "Newsletters Can Build Your Reputation" (DM News), "It will develop your image and uniqueness as an industry leader and your reputation as a company offering quality products and services. And a well-thought-out newsletter can be used as a direct … [Read more...]