4 Ways to Get Great Results from Your Freelance Copywriter

4 ways to get great results from a freelance copywriter

Perhaps you're a solopreneur or a small business owner getting ready to launch a marketing campaign. Or maybe, you're an ad agency or design firm with an overflow of work you can't handle without extra assistance. You don't have the creative talent in-house so you know you'll have to call upon an independent writer and/or designer to assist you. However, last time you did that you were not prepared. There were vital questions that the copywriter asked you and you didn't know the answers. … [Read more...]

Three C’s of Copywriting

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As creative entrepreneurs and business owners one of the most important tools you have in offering your programs, products or services is the copy you use to communicate your marketing message. (NOTE: To avoid repetition, I'll refer to "programs, products or services" as "products" throughout this post). To ensure you create a magnetic message that resonates with your ideal client here are three C's of copywriting to guide you along a successful path. I. Clarity - 3 things you should get … [Read more...]

On Black Friday Was Your Inbox As Stuffed As Your Belly On Thanksgiving?

Is your email inbox overstuffed

For many of you (in the U.S.) who celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday, you may have been fortunate to sit down to a bountiful meal. I hope you found yourself in the company of those you love, enjoying turkey (unless you’re a vegetarian) and all the trimmings. Like many, you probably walked away satiated and experienced the typical turkey coma. After the celebration, you retreated to bed and what did you discover on Friday morning? Your belly may no longer have felt bloated, but perhaps … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tip: Make Your Content Upbeat and Inviting

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With all the information available to you online, you've probably read numerous articles, sales pages, and e-books. Notice anything different from one piece to the next - even when they're on the same topic or promoting the same product/service? I'm referring to the different tones used or the moods set in the writing style used by the author or copywriter. Simply by changing a few words or adding punctuation and pauses, a writer can change how you - the reader - feel about what you're … [Read more...]

Whose right is it anyway?

Whose right is it anyway?

It is not uncommon for me, as a copyWRITER, to receive phone calls from people who are actually seeking information about copyRIGHTS. I explain the difference(s) to them and direct them to the Copyright Office’s home page. It’s also not uncommon, for those company professionals who do understand the difference between “write” and “right,” to think that they own the rights to use copy for whatever purpose they want. This is not the case and it is my hope to clarify this for you in this … [Read more...]