A Quick Fill-in-the-Blank Copywriting Quiz

A Fill-in-the-blank copywriting quiz

Thought I'd have a little fun here by offering this short copywriting quiz. By filling in the blanks you'll end up with a list of six valuable copywriting tips you can put to use next time you're writing marketing content. So here you go . . . #1. Write content that speaks ______ your prospects, not ______ at them. It's one element that makes the difference between grabbing your prospects' attention so they read your content vs. click onto another Web site (or throw your mail piece into … [Read more...]

Quick Copywriting Tip: Give Prospects Helpful Information In Your Headline

What do your prospects want from you? Watch this short video (just 60 seconds) for another quick copywriting tip. When writing your headline provide your readers with helpful, useful information. For example: 5 reasons why using numbers in your headlines work. 4 ways to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. Using a number in your headline lets your prospects know that they can expect a finite set of helpful tips or pointers. And, they appreciate that because they walk away … [Read more...]

15 Essential Things You Must Tell Your Copywriter


While putting together the Action Guide for the Magnetic Copywriting home-study program. I headed to my bookshelf - yes, a bookshelf, not the Internet - and discovered a classic that I forgot I owned. Back in the late 80s, I took a direct response copywriting course from a seasoned veteran, Milt Pierce. Milt encouraged me to pursue my career. And, in doing so, he introduced me to my first client (and mentor), Eugene Schwartz. So, as you can imagine, Milt (R.I.P.) holds a special place in my … [Read more...]

Quick Copywriting Tip: Give Readers News in Your Headline

David Ogilvy said that, on the average 5 times as many people read your headline as read your body copy. In this short video, I deliver a quick copywriting tip for writing attention-grabbing headlines. Give news in your headline using words such as "introducing," "announcing," "now available" or "new." Here are two examples: 1. "Announcing 10 remarkable ways to stay in shape without exercising daily." 2. "Now available, a new report reveals 3 ways to avoid losing your home to … [Read more...]

Does Your Website Attract Loyal Customers?

Copywriting mistakes

Each month The GPS Academy presents "Marketing Mastery with the Experts." Each show features a guest marketing expert who shares their tips in an effort to help you grow your business. This month, on April 23rd, I am honored that business growth strategists Cheri & Richard Martin have invited to host me as their featured guest. During the live broadcast, I'll be speaking about 5 copywriting mistakes that cost your business money AND how to avoid them. You won’t just hear about the … [Read more...]