Pointers For Writing Great Copy With Strong SEO Value

copywriting for SEO

Thanks to guest blogger, Sparky Parker No matter how advanced the field of online marketing gets, there will always be a vital role for copywriting. Your web pages are nothing without content and in order to get content you have to write it or have it written. You want your pages to be easy to find and that means engaging in some SEO (search engine optimization). Stop Mining The Surface Back when people started optimizing for search engine performance, it was mostly a numbers game. The … [Read more...]

Is Your Web Content Relevant?

Is your web content relevant?

While search engine algorithms change frequently (more than we'd like), one basic component has remained steady over time. And that's relevancy. It's one word you've probably heard repeatedly when discussing search engine optimization. So, the question is, "Is your site relevant for the keyword phrase(s) being searched by your prospects?" This isn't a post about how to achieve page one ranking on Google. There are no magic tricks to doing that (though some folks out there may lead you to … [Read more...]

Gary Halbert’s Timeless Copywriting Tips

Gary Halbert's How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time

Back in April of 1991, when my business was just 2 years old, I had the good fortune of attending a seminar hosted by copywriter Gary Halbert. A legend in the industry (and he probably would have said in his own mind as well), Gary provided us with his book How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time! While doing some much-needed housekeeping, I came across Gary's book (a compilation of his newsletters) and sat down for a re-read. Released in 1990, before the Internet took the world by storm, … [Read more...]

E-mail etiquette: You opted-in, but now you’re overloaded!

E-mail etiquette

I once wrote about e-mail "use" versus "abuse." I referred mostly to those unsolicited e-mails we all get - the ones that we get several times a day, within 15-20 minutes of one another, that (thankfully) end up in our Spam folders. However, after posting that blog I started noticing the now growing numbers of e-mails I was receiving from those marketers whose e-mail lists I did opt-in to receive. The original opt-in was to receive a free report - something I, like many online marketers, … [Read more...]

Writing Copy? Are You Being True to Yourself?

Writing Copy? Be True to Yourself

In my humble opinion, life is about relationships (and so is marketing), but first, there is the relationship with one’s self. When you're writing copy, it's important to be genuine and realize that it is okay for the world to see who you truly are. I think some of the most engaging and inviting content I’ve seen comes from heartfelt professionals who are okay with being transparent. Being transparent helps your prospects and customers feel closer to you — an essential step in boosting … [Read more...]