E-mail etiquette: You opted-in, but now you’re overloaded!

E-mail etiquette

I once wrote about e-mail "use" versus "abuse." I referred mostly to those unsolicited e-mails we all get - the ones that we get several times a day, within 15-20 minutes of one another, that (thankfully) end up in our Spam folders. However, after posting that blog I started noticing the now growing numbers of e-mails I was receiving from those marketers whose e-mail lists I did opt-in to receive. The original opt-in was to receive a free report - something I, like many online marketers, … [Read more...]

Writing Copy? Are You Being True to Yourself?

Writing Copy? Be True to Yourself

In my humble opinion, life is about relationships (and so is marketing), but first, there is the relationship with one’s self. When you're writing copy, it's important to be genuine and realize that it is okay for the world to see who you truly are. I think some of the most engaging and inviting content I’ve seen comes from heartfelt professionals who are okay with being transparent. Being transparent helps your prospects and customers feel closer to you — an essential step in boosting … [Read more...]

Long Copy or Short Copy? That Is An Ongoing Question

Long copy or short copy?

Yes, that's the question - a question that's been asked over and over again: Long copy or short copy? More often than not, I hear many of my writing clients say, "Our prospects are busy and they won't read long copy." My response is usually, if your message resonates with them they will read on. And, I add that it's important to write as much as you need to in order to get your message across. A message that pushes their buttons and reveals a solution that makes their lives and/or jobs … [Read more...]

Quick Copywriting Tip: Convey These 2 Qualities To Attract Prospects To You

Copywriting Tip from Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Be confident about who you are, what you have to offer and how you help people. "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" - Dr. Seuss Your attitude and your visible confidence are two qualities that attract people to you. When you're confident about yourself - as well as the program or service you're offering and how it helps your ideal clients - that clarity comes across in your marketing message. When that happens, your prospects respond to you you in a positive way (and take … [Read more...]

How To Tap Into Your Customers’ Subconscious Using Sensory Words

copywriting to the subconscious

Thanks to guest blogger, Darren DeMatas While readers make their way through your web copy, their subconscious minds are in the midst of deciding if they will buy from you. I think we mistakenly believe that our prospects are purely rational, critical thinkers. But people make their purchase decisions based on thoughts they are not even aware of. Copywriters have the difficult job of educating the rational brain and persuading people to take action at a subconscious level. When writing … [Read more...]