Copywriting Tip: Make Emotion Part of Your Promotion

Copywriting w/emotion

A few years back, Ethan Boldt, editor of Inside Direct Mail at the time (now an Executive Director at Rodale Press), interviewed me & wrote an article entitled, “How to Make Emotion Part of Your Mailer.” This topic came up in a recent discussion so I thought it was worth sharing Ethan's piece with you here. I think you'll find these copywriting pointers beneficial when creating your next marketing … [Read more...]

Are All Your Marketing Eggs in One Basket?

Thanks to guest blogger, Alan Rosenspan. In October 2013, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released the results of a study that showed direct mail is still the most important medium - despite the rise in digital marketing. "Traditional offline marketing, including direct mailers, was a $93.6 billion industry in 2012," according to the study by professors John Deighton of Harvard University and Peter Johnson of Columbia University. "Online marketing, which includes electronic ads, … [Read more...]

15 Goofy Grammar Errors That Tarnish Your Writing

Last year, after sending out an e-mail message, one of my subscribers opted out from my list. Her reason? I had a typo in my subject line. Needless to say, I was embarrassed and proceeded to write a blog post about it. In the past I've also written about how direct response copywriters may break the rules of grammar. You may see us using sentence fragments or content that’s more conversational than prose. And, in our books, that's okay. However, we're still professionals and want our … [Read more...]

Partnering Direct Mail & Social Media

If you're in the Boulder/Denver metro area, I invite you to join me on April 17th for the Greater Denver Postal Customer Council's Spring Event. Entitled "Learn How to Grow Your Business," the event features six presenters (I'm one of them) offering a series of seminars focusing on every thing from social media and branding to unforgettable creative direct mail design and the latest postal regulations. Curious how direct mail and social media work together to boost your business? You're not … [Read more...]

Marketing Mistake, Part 2: Two Questions to Ask When Identifying Your Ideal Client

Thanks to guest blogger, Ava Diamond. In Part 1 of this series, I touched on the “big fail” in marketing - you’re creating a message with broad appeal because you don’t want to leave anyone out. It’s a “big fail" because, in actuality, marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. Many of you have already identified your "niche", your tribe, your peeps. I'd encourage you to see if you can get it a little tighter, a little more focused, a little more specific. See if you can't find some ways to … [Read more...]