Four Copywriting Legends Help You Heighten Your Writing Skills

You’re facing a blank page, ready to write copy for your landing page, email message or website. Your mind goes blank too. Where do I begin? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned copywriter, there’s always something new to learn. And, some of the best role models to learn from are the seasoned veterans who came before us. Here are four books I suggest you read to uncover important copywriting tips from four legends in the industry. 1. Breakthrough Advertising: How to Write Ads that … [Read more...]

Christmas Cards In July

Thanks to guest blogger, Brian Kurtz I first thought about writing this post as I waited on a very long line at the post office last December, behind a guy with a shoebox full of Christmas cards stamped and ready to go. But I wanted to wait a bit so we would be far enough away from Christmas so I could ask you the following question: “Have you sent lots of follow up cards, letters and/or gifts to at least some of your favorite people in the last three months since you sent out your … [Read more...]

Direct Mail Has Not Gone Away: 3 Reasons Print is Still Alive and Well

One of my favorite videos is Le Papier Ne Sera Jamais Mort. When I first saw it I wrote a blog post, “Print Marketing: Dead or Alive?” highlighting some statistics that supported the idea that indeed direct mail was alive and well. Reading the January/February 2016 issue of Target Marketing, I came across “The Trouble with Digital Marketing,” by fellow copywriter Bob Bly. In this piece, he explains how print promotions such as newsletters have more attention-getting power than their … [Read more...]

Gary Halbert’s Timeless Copywriting Tips

Back in April of 1991, when my business was just 2 years old, I had the good fortune of attending a seminar hosted by copywriter Gary Halbert. A legend in the industry (and he probably would have said in his own mind as well), Gary provided us with his book How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time! While doing some much-needed housekeeping, I came across Gary's book (a compilation of his newsletters) and sat down for a re-read. Released in 1990, before the Internet took the world by storm, … [Read more...]

Print Marketing: Dead or Alive?

When my colleague Linda Pizzitola shared her guest post “In Print We Trust: A Valued Branding and Marketing Tool” on my blog, it reminded me of a French commercial I’d seen online a couple of years ago. Titled, “Le Papier Ne Sera Jamais Morte” (Paper Will Never Be Dead), you can view it below and enjoy a good laugh. In today’s digital world, it seems one might think that print media has gone by the wayside, but I disagree. Take a look at your email inbox each morning and be honest, are … [Read more...]