What Does Social Media Mean To You?


Last month, Ellen Britt, founder of Pink Coattails, wrote a blog post entitled "Take off your social media mask on Facebook and be yourself." In it she said, "Your customers and clients and even your potential customers and clients are not on social media to get their problems solved. And they are definitely not there to buy stuff. They just want to…well…socialize." "This includes looking at and sharing pictures of cute cats and fabulous food and videos of three-legged dogs and even … [Read more...]

Facebook: Blessing or Curse? #infographic

I had a MasterMind meeting the other day and this question came up, "What's one activity you wish you could do every day and one thing you could dump, delay, or delegate to make time for that one activity?" One of my colleagues answered that she wanted to get back into exercising. She has a video she used to watch and exercise by daily, but alas one little "devil" now seemed to interfere with that activity. The one thing she said she would dump in order to make time for exercise? It was time on … [Read more...]

The Miracle of Social Media & Boulder’s 100-Year Flood

I live in Boulder, Colorado where we just experienced what many are calling the 100-year flood (I even heard someone say it was the 500-year flood). Between 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11th and 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12th Boulder recorded 9.08 inches of rain, according to Boulder Meteorologist Matt Kelsch. It was by far the wettest day in the city's history since weather records were first officially kept in 1897. Approximately 15 inches of the annual precipitation of 30.14 inches fell between … [Read more...]

Are You Overwhelmed By Social Media? Here’s Your Ticket To Eliminate That Overwhelm

When I speak about social media marketing - or just in everyday conversation around the topic - two questions that come up repeatedly are: 1) Do I have to do it all? LinkedIn . . . Twitter. . . Facebook . . . Google + . . . Pinterest . . . Instagram . . . Klout? 2) It takes so much time, I get overwhelmed. How much time should I spend on it? While you may read posts or articles about "social media in 10 minutes a day," I'm not one to make that promise. Social media marketing does require your … [Read more...]

Facebook Tip: Do Your Friends Love You Enough to “Like” You?

Ever notice, when you’re on your Fan Page, there’s a box that says “Invite Friends?” (NOTE: To respect privacy, I erased the names of the peeps in my Invite Box image to the left.) On different days, different names pop up and you might think “cool, I’ll invite those folks to “like” my page." I know, I thought that way. However, I noticed that even after hitting the “invite” button, the same peeps would appear in that box repeatedly. I started to worry that I’d be inviting them more than once … [Read more...]