Techno-Gremlins Attacked My Copywriting Webinar

Webinar techno-gremlins

Have you ever been attacked by technical gremlins (or techno-gremlins as I call them)? It's not pretty. You're online, presenting a webinar. You feel good, you're sharing great tips and everything seems "hunky dory." Then, you realize there's a dead silence. No feedback, no static, nothing! Oh, oh! There's trouble in paradise. That's what happened to me last week during my copywriting webinar. And boy, was my face red! There I was talking and showing my slides, but no one could hear me. … [Read more...]

25 Little-Known Facts About Me After 25 Years in Business

In November you may have seen a Facebook post going around where your friend(s) revealed several things no one knew about him/her. Each person who "liked" or commented on that post was then asked to reveal some little-known facts about themselves. Last year, on the anniversary of my business, I revealed 24 things you didn't know about me. So, this year, inspired by the Facebook post - and celebrating 25 years in business - I'm adding 25 more little-known facts. 1. I remember crying at the door … [Read more...]

What’s your word for 2014?

I posted this question on Facebook at the end of last year and received a lot of wonderful (and inspirational) feedback from those who replied. So I decided it was worth surveying my colleagues once again and offering a repeat performance. . . What's your word for 2014? Here are some of the words and creative responses my colleagues shared with me (along with links to them on Facebook if you’d like to connect). Kellie Frazier - My word is "INSPIRE" in all caps. I=Indulge in what brings … [Read more...]

Thank You: Do You Use These 2 Words Often Enough?

"You are the #1 best at email replies to blog posts!" That's a message I received from a colleague after I thanked her for commenting on my blog. Yes, I respond to comments ON my blog, but I also send a separate email (not an auto-responder) thanking people for taking the time to share their thoughts with me & my readers. I also thank people for "liking" my posts on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. And, when they endorse me on LinkedIn or RT something I post on Twitter, I express my gratitude … [Read more...]

Show Me the Money

Thanks to guest blogger, Toni Nelson. Many of the things we were taught as children affect our lives in a variety of ways. And, when we become adults – running our own businesses - they continue to influence our decisions. For example, when I was growing up my mother always said “save for a rainy day”. Another great piece of advice was to “make sure you always pay your mortgage”. Mothers have such wonderful pearls of wisdom! When it comes to money, I think many of us got great advice from … [Read more...]