Networking: It’s Not All About Collecting Business Cards

Networking Not About Collecting Business Cards

How many networking events have you been to where someone comes up to you, says "hello" and immediately either hands you their card or asks you for yours? I was at a holiday business party once and, upon checking in, the woman in front of me said "I'm going to hand out fifty business cards tonight." That was her goal and I thought to myself, "Really? How about saying you're going to connect with fifty people?" You see, networking is NOT about collecting or handing out business cards left … [Read more...]

Are You Blogging In Your Prospects’ Language?

Social media benefits

An interview with blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer. I'm in the midst of writing my book entitled, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™ and, in doing so, have been reaching out to colleagues asking them to share one or two of their most cost-effective marketing strategies. Here's an excerpt from a conversation with blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer. Michelle started her business 2000 as a virtual assistant and web designer. However, in 2008 she launched a blog "not realizing … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tips for Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn

Back in 2007, I received an invitation from a friend to join him on his LinkedIn network. At that time, I hadn’t heard about LinkedIn so I ignored the request. However, soon after, I started to receive more invites from numerous colleagues. Intrigued, I decided it was time to say “Sure, let’s LinkIn.” I didn’t give it much thought. I accepted the invitations, but still wasn’t quite clear on the value of this social network and how it would benefit me. That’s when I started asking questions. … [Read more...]

Are You Shooting for the Moon or Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

Thanks to guest blogger, Andrea Feinberg Ready to start your own business after years as an employee? Before you can craft the practical decisions, relationships, policies and procedures necessary to build your successful business, your mindset needs to shift to your role as a leader and not be guided by your past success as an employee. Think your success as an employee will get you off the launching pad as an owner? Not true. Sometimes, the success you enjoyed as an employee may be a … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Quarter of a Century as a Copywriting Solopreneur

Boy, I feel old when I hear "a quarter of a century." I remember when I celebrated my 25th birthday and someone used that phrase. I thought "don't age me so before my time." Yet, here it is - 25 years after I opened my doors for my business. January 1, 1989 is when my life changed. Back then, I thought, "I worked really hard for other people so why not work hard for myself?" And, so I did and I'm proud to say I'm still at it. It's been a wild ride and after 25 years, things are shifting in my … [Read more...]