Copywriting Tips for Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn

Back in 2007, I received an invitation from a friend to join him on his LinkedIn network. At that time, I hadn’t heard about LinkedIn so I ignored the request. However, soon after, I started to receive more invites from numerous colleagues. Intrigued, I decided it was time to say “Sure, let’s LinkIn.” I didn’t give it much thought. I accepted the invitations, but still wasn’t quite clear on the value of this social network and how it would benefit me. That’s when I started asking questions. … [Read more...]

Event Attendees: Are You Getting Value or Getting Pitched?

When I told my colleague Scott Palat (who I had attended a 3-day marketing/networking event with) that I may be speaking at a similar event in the future, he emailed me saying, "Hopefully you can teach the people something valuable and make a simple offer that sells. Some of those speakers were way too crazy with their "Not $5,000, Not $4,000" etc. pitches. One guy (who will remain nameless) really bothered me by not teaching, but instead doing a 90 pitch for his service." "Maybe it's just me?" … [Read more...]

Do You Know How To Stand Out Like A Purple Cow?

Create your unique, purple cow message

Thanks to guest blogger, Steve Kloyda – The Prospecting Expert How well do you communicate your sales message? Is your message clear, concise and consistent? When was the last time someone walked up to you at a social gathering, introduced themselves and asked you, "What do you do?" What did you say? How did you communicate your message? Were you at a loss for words? Well, most sales people are and, if they aren't, their message sounds like everyone elses. Let me give you an example of what I … [Read more...]

Marketing Lessons for Cultivating a Family Life While Building Your Business

Thanks to guest blogger, Kimberly Pitts. In updating one of my marketing programs (that I’ll be presenting on Kaua`i in June), I recently reached out to some of my savvy colleagues and asked for their insight on the top 3 most cost-effective strategies in their marketing toolboxes. First, business coach Andrea Feinberg shared 4 marketing lessons she learned from her mom. Then, PeggyLee Hanson shared 3 marketing lessons learned by throwing caution to the wind. Now, Kimberly Pitts shares the top … [Read more...]

Do You Know How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Hawaiian?

Most of you know that I just moved back to the mainland from the Garden Isle of Kaua`i. And, while you can take the girl out of Kaua`i, you can't take Kaua`i out of the girl. So, you'll find that I still say aloha and mahalo, among other favorite Hawaiian words/phrases - one of which is "happy birthday." My celebration took place on Dec. 1st (21 again - LOL) and I continued my annual tradition of gathering friends - this time in Colorado (this pic was from last year's gathering on … [Read more...]