LinkedIn Etiquette: 4 Online Networking Tips

LinkedIn networking etiquette

LinkedIn reports that 73 percent of its members use the platform for networking with other professionals. As a social network, it makes perfect sense that close to 3/4 of their membership would be taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues. For those of you who want to become part of a conversation and engage with others on LinkedIn, here are four etiquette pointers to keep in mind when networking online: 1. Personalize your connection request. One of the … [Read more...]

What’s Happened To Our Human-To-Human Connection?

human to human connection

Are we so connected to our devices that we're forgetting the human connection? I fear it is so. How about you? It seems like hardly anyone picks up a telephone just to say, "Hi, how are you?" anymore. It's someone's birthday, they get a text or a message on Facebook. Someone passes onto the spirit world and condolences are spread the same way (i.e., text, Facebook). Does anyone take time to write and send a handwritten note? What happened to the human-to-human connection via voice … [Read more...]

Networking Follow Up: 10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

Networking strategies

Thanks to guest blogger Sabrina Risley. On February 12, I hosted networking strategist Sabrina Risley as my guest on the Marketing Blab. Here's a guest post Sabrina shared prior to the Blab revealing great networking follow-up tips with you. You spend valuable time to find the right professional networking group, set time aside to attend networking events, have meaningful conversations, ask questions and make connections. Don’t let it all go to waste by never following up. Even if … [Read more...]

The Art of Networking: Six Steps for Success

The Art of Networking

Thanks to guest blogger, Terry Wildemann Attractionpreneur Terry Wildemann was my guest on the Marketing Blab on Jan. 28th. Feel free to watch the replay, but in the meantime, here are some of Terry's awesome tips for creating connections when networking. Networking is an art. When done well can turn your contacts into lifelong clients and referrals. Poor networking skills cost you time, energy, money and opportunity! Since first impressions are made within the first 5 seconds, and … [Read more...]

Do Go-Givers Just Give Everything Away? Blabbing with Bob Burg

Blabbing with Bob Burg about being a Go-Giver

I had the good fortune and honor to host Bob Burg as my guest on the Marketing Blab. During the show, we talked about the Go-Giver philosophy and Bob provided responses to several questions that helped clarify the Go-Giver philosophy. Here are four of them: 1. How does a Go-Giver make money when he/she is giving things away? "Being a Go-Giver isn't about giving things away. That's one of the things that's kind of confusing when people hear 'The Go-Giver,' explained Bob. "A Go-Giver is … [Read more...]