Are You Overwhelmed By Social Media? Here’s Your Ticket To Eliminate That Overwhelm

When I speak about social media marketing - or just in everyday conversation around the topic - two questions that come up repeatedly are: 1) Do I have to do it all? LinkedIn . . . Twitter. . . Facebook . . . Google + . . . Pinterest . . . Instagram . . . Klout? 2) It takes so much time, I get overwhelmed. How much time should I spend on it? While you may read posts or articles about "social media in 10 minutes a day," I'm not one to make that promise. Social media marketing does require your … [Read more...]

Are You Pinning Your YouTube Videos on Pinterest?

Earlier this month I received an email from colleague & YouTube authority James Wedmore. He was asking his subscribers if they had started pinning their YouTube videos on Pinterest. I hadn't thought about doing it, but pinning helps you reach more people, increase your video views and generate more leads. So, after receiving James' email, I thought "why not?" and followed his advice. Then, right behind James' heels, I came across my colleague and blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer's video … [Read more...]