Are You Ready for Commitment? Blabbing with Kim Garst About Social Media Marketing

Committed to Relationships

In September, my guest on the Marketing Blab with Debra, was Kim Garst, founder and owner of Boom! Social. During the show we blabbed about the importance of commitment. “Social selling involves being committed to relationship building so that you can ultimately build the know, like & trust factor so that people will buy from you,” said Kim. When I speak to audiences about marketing, I explain that it’s all about relationships. And Kim’s attitude is in alignment with that concept. She … [Read more...]

Facebook Ads – Advantages and Mistakes: Blabbing with Brian Carter

Facebook Ads Blabbing with Brian Carter

On November 13th, social media keynote speaker, and owner of the digital marketing agency Brian Carter Group, Brian Carter was gracious enough to spend time on the Marketing Blab with Debra. Known for blending marketing, comedy and innovation, Brian explained, “Comedy and laughter helps people learn, keeps them awake, gets their attention and keeps them engaged.” With a delightful sense of humor, Brian engaged the Blab viewers as we dove into the subject of Facebook advertising. While … [Read more...]

Twelve Good, Bad and Ugly Things About Facebook Marketing in 2015


Thanks to guest blogger, Brian Carter On November 13th, Brian will be my featured guest on the Marketing Blab at 11:30am MT (10:30am PT, 1:30pm ET). Please join us. In the meantime, enjoy Brian's insights on the 12 good, bad and ugly things about Facebook marketing in 2015. I think the real problem is that Facebook is easy to do poorly - and many businesses don’t put enough time and training into it. So they feel like they’ve wasted their money. They probably have, because the companies … [Read more...]

Blogging Authority Michelle Shaeffer Shares Three Blogging Mistakes You Can Avoid

Blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer

Known as the Girl Blogger Next Door, Michelle Shaeffer has developed a reputation as an outstanding blogging authority. I was honored to have my friend appear as a guest on the Marketing Blab (and it was her first Blab). Having started her blog in 2008, she says she’s made just about every blogging mistake possible (and shares them), so you don’t have to! During the Blab we talked about three mistakes that Michelle made early on in her blogging career. Here’s what she shared. Three Big … [Read more...]

Five Insightful Takeaways About LinkedIn After Blabbing with Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen LinkedIn Expert

On October 23, 2015, my special guest on the Marketing Blab with Debra, was my friend Viveka von Rosen. Known as the LinkedIn Expert, the topic of conversation was of course, LinkedIn. We had a great time talking about the art of engaging and nurturing relationships on the social platform. One point Viveka brought up is that she considers LinkedIn a business or CRM tool, not a social media site. Here are five key LinkedIn takeaways we covered during the Blab (which, because we were having … [Read more...]