Open The Door To 40 Times More Opportunities On LinkedIn With This One Step

Receive more opportunities on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s statistics indicate that only 50.5% of people have a 100% completed LinkedIn profile*. Are you among this group of professionals? If so, you're missing out on opportunities. Again, accordingly to to the folks at the social network, "users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn." Therefore, for those professionals who want to leverage their opportunities on LinkedIn, go back and complete your profile. What Should I Include In … [Read more...]

Want to Get 14-21 Times More Views of Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn blank profile photo

You can do it with one simple step. Be sure you have a professional photo on your profile. LinkedIn reports that profiles with photos get 14-21 times more views than those without photos. Princeton psychologists, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, report that it only takes 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone from just looking at a photo of their face. 80 to 90 percent of that first impression is based on just two qualities — trustworthiness and competence. And, social … [Read more...]

Marketing Mistakes: Are You Guilty of this Marketing No-No?


Marketing strategies, there are many of them. And, there are probably just as many marketing mistakes that are commonly made as well. One of the questions I received recently was, "What's a marketing 'no-no' when it comes to social media marketing?" It's probably happened to you. You get a friend request on Facebook or a connection request on LinkedIn and no sooner do you accept the request when the next message you receive from that person is a sales pitch. Here's my advice. Ditch the … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Connection Requests: Why Keep Messing With a Good Thing?

LinkedIn question

I delivered a LinkedIn presentation last week and revealed 7 common mistakes made on the social platform. One of the questions asked was "Do you accept LinkedIn invites from people you don't know or who you have never met?" It was the perfect lead in to one of the common mistakes I talk about - ignoring invitations. When I receive a LinkedIn invitation from someone I don't know, the first thing I do is see if they wrote a personalized message to me (sending a generic invite is another of the … [Read more...]

Laura Rubinstein Busts the Myth that Social Media Takes a Lot of Time

Busting the Myth that Social Media Takes a Lot of Time

Colleague Laura Rubinstein is the bestselling author of Social Media Myths Busted: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue. I was honored to have Laura as my guest on the Marketing Blab and during the show we blabbed about a couple of myths covered in her book. One of the most popular myths that you've heard (or perhaps even said to yourself) is that "social media takes a lot of time." Here's the response Laura shared to bust that myth. First of all, step away from the news feed. Step … [Read more...]