What Do Babies, Puppies and Bacon Have In Common?

Social networking w/babies, puppies and bacon

Thanks to guest blogger, Brian Basilico "Babies are cute. Puppies are cute. Know your bacon." These are some "bacon-izms" from Chapter 3 of Brian Basilico's book, It's Not About You, It's About Bacon. On September 4th, Brian will be my featured guest on the Marketing Blab at 11:30am MT. Please join us. In the meantime, here is an excerpt from that chapter of his book called "Babies, Puppies & Bacon." Social media have changed relationships Relationship marketing means giving up your … [Read more...]

Five Cool Image Resources to Help You Rock Out Your Social Media Marketing

Cool Images for Social Media marketing

Whether you’re posting images for your blog or for your social networks - from Facebook, Instagram or Google+ to Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn - here are several free tools that help you create cool graphics that rock! Here are 5 of my favorites: 1. WordSwag - if you own an iPhone, this is one of my favorite apps (and one reason I selected an iPhone vs. an Android). You can pull in an image from your Camera Roll or search WordSwag for an image (WordSwag accesses images from Pixabay). … [Read more...]

Where Is Your Audience Socializing Online?

Social networks

As marketers, we're always cognizant of the fact that we need to identify our ideal clients and target our message to them. With social networks playing a large role in the marketing mix, do you know where your audience is socializing? In a post on AdWeek.com Debra Aho Williams, eMarketer's principal analyst said,"Let's face it: As much as we complain about those over-sharers who inundate us with baby photos and vacation snapshots, we're still in love with social networking. More than half … [Read more...]

Wondering Why Your Business Should Get On Instagram Now?

Instagram for business

Thanks to guest blogger, Sarah Davidson. You may have heard that Instagram is the hottest social platform to use for promoting your business today. With more than 300 million active users and a projection of reaching one billion users in the next few years, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular social media networks. Right now, Instagram is by far the easiest social media platform to get targeted web traffic, leads, and customers. I know many business owners who are wasting a TON of … [Read more...]

Social Media Etiquette: Are There Rules?

Social Media Shenanigans Denver, CO

Last week, I attended Social Media Shenanigans 2, an uproarious gathering in Denver, CO that included a bevy of beautiful people from Colorado and beyond. And when I say beautiful, I don’t mean physical beauty. Yes, there were some “lookers” there, but the beauty I’m referring to is deep within. All the peeps I knew there, as well as those I met for the first time, each have caring and giving hearts. I think that’s one characteristic that makes for “good” social networkers. I put good in … [Read more...]