Do your marketing materials talk to your customers?

Connecting with others

You open a brochure or go to a Web site and it doesn’t take long before you decide that this isn’t the product or service for you. What comes across isn’t how you benefit from the product, but how wonderful the company is that is selling it. In a teleseminar hosted by a colleague, one of the points we discussed was how many companies think it’s important to “strut their stuff” and tell their prospects just how wonderful their company is. However, what many companies don’t realize before they … [Read more...]

Remember the opera “AIDA” when copywriting to generate leads

Copywriting that generates leads

Paula Pollock of Pollock Marketing Group invited me to be a guest speaker on one of her "Operation Lead Generation" teleseminars. She asked me to discuss how writing marketing copy contributes to lead generation for one’s business. I know you understand the value of good copywriting when creating marketing materials for your business. And perhaps you've heard or read about "AIDA" in the past. Here's a refresher - a summary of the main points Paula and I discussed … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tip: Make Emotion Part of Your Promotion

Copywriting w/emotion

A few years back, Ethan Boldt, editor of Inside Direct Mail at the time (now an Executive Director at Rodale Press), interviewed me & wrote an article entitled, “How to Make Emotion Part of Your Mailer.” This topic came up in a recent discussion so I thought it was worth sharing Ethan's piece with you here. I think you'll find these copywriting pointers beneficial when creating your next marketing … [Read more...]

Attention Marketers: Boomer Women Are A Booming Audience

Did you know that, women account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the United States? And, over the next decade, they will control two thirds of consumer wealth? In "The Top 30 Stats You Need to Know When Marketing to Women," Ekaterina Walter wrote, “Women make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions, and purchase over 50% of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products and consumer electronics.” As early as 2000, women were found to have … [Read more...]

9 Factors That Debunk A Common Search Engine Optimization Myth – Part 2

Thanks to guest blogger, Jeff Finkelstein, Founder, Customer Paradigm. One of the most common tactics some SEO professionals use to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt with Website owners is the following myth: “We looked at the code on your site and noticed there are some problems with it. It`s not optimized as well as it could be.” To help debunk this SEO myth, there are 9 factors that are legitimately difficult for Google and other search engines to crawl through and understand when … [Read more...]