10 Marketing Tips – In 10 Minutes You Can Move Your Business Forward

10 tips in 10 minutesFeeling short on time and as a result, feeling challenged to get much done?

I loved these 10 marketing tips from my colleague Michelle Shaeffer. While sitting in an airport she wrote this list on how you can move your business forward in 10 minutes.

One of my favorites is tip #2 – write a few thank you notes. While it seems handwritten notes are becoming a dying art form, I send them out whenever I can (click here to read the post I wrote about it). It always feels good to find a “real” letter in your mailbox instead of those pesky bills we all get.

Take a peek at Michelle’s post. Then, take one of those 10 minutes and comment below about which tip(s) you put into play to move your business forward today. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day & here’s to your sweet success.