4 Key Benefits of Using a Gravatar and How to Create Your Own

The other day I posted a video about 3 questions to help you decide whether YouTube is right for you, thanks to YouTube authority James Wedmore.

Adela RubioToday, my colleague Adela Rubio directed me to another helpful video for you to take a look at.

Always wanting to help you boost your visibility, I’m sharing this quick clip Adela recorded where she highlights 4 reasons you should be using Gravatars. And, she demonstrates how easy it is for you to create one for yourself.

What is a Gravatar? Well, Adela explains that too, but real quickly it’s an image that shows up each time you post a comment on someone’s blog. It’s so nice (not to mention, more personal) for them to see your smiling face! It increases your visibility, builds your branding, and I’d say it helps you network because others can identify you as a real person, not a spammer.

So go ahead and click here and discover how – in just 4 steps – you can create your own Gravatar, thanks to Adela Rubio.

Then, please return to this blog and post a comment below so I can see your smiling face in the Gravatar you created. I’d look forward to seeing you. Thanks!