Are You Ready To Be Awesome?

Nicole Dean 30 Days of AwesomizationI just returned from NAMS13 (Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems) where my colleague Nicole Dean announced that she was on a mission (there she is making the announcement at NAMS in the pic on the left). That mission is to help YOU Awesomize your Business, Awesomize your Life and Make the World a Better Place this April 2015.

I asked Nicole what inspired her to do 30 Days of Awesomization and what the benefits would be for those who want to join the Awesomization Nation. Here’s what she shared:

“The inspiration behind this is a long story, but one that I am happy to share.

“A year ago, I met a man named James Dering ( and I knew that he’d had a major shift in his life. He’d lost a lot of weight, started his business, and became a better husband and father. So, I asked him ‘How’d you do it?’

“He said that he decided that he wanted to be Awesome James. And then he thought, if I were Awesome James, what would that look like? What would Awesome James do?

“So, he started to eat like Awesome James would eat. He started to parent more like Awesome James would. And he took more risks in his business in order to grow it like Awesome James would.

“I took that story with me for a long time, but I didn’t need it for awhile. Until I did. I battle depression and I was struggling in January. James’ story came back to me and I started to think about it more and more.

“Could DOING Awesome really make me FEEL Awesome? It was worth a try.

“So, I started doing small awesome things every day and they added up. Not only did I start to feel better, but my business and my life improved quickly, too.”

What does Nicole hope to achieve (or hope you will achieve) during the Awesomization Challenge?

Nicole explains it this way, “My deepest wish for the Awesomization Nation members is that they choose the goals that they wish to achieve and start to take tiny steps towards them every day. Life flies by and I see people who have dreams let them slide by month after month after month. No more! Even if it’s baby steps, we’re still taking steps towards our dreams.”
Awesome Goal

“The members of the Awesomization Nation are all committed to doing 3 extra tiny acts per day. One in their person lives, one in their businesses and one to improve the world. After the 30 days are up, I expect there to be a transformation of awareness of the possibilities of our every day lives.”

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to by jumping on the Awesomization Nation bandwagon. You’ll:

1. Be taking steps to improve your business and your life in a way that is not intimidating or scary.

2. Have tons of inspiration from being around positive people who want to be even more wonderful.

3. Have lots of support when you don’t feel like being awesome and connections with other business owners who do the work and aren’t afraid of success.

4. Experience progress that you might not have otherwise had.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to be totally awesome and join the Awesomization Nation? Since this blog was originally posted in April, Nicole has decided to run a Summer of Awesomization.Click here for the details.

Want to share some of your awesomeness now? Please do in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and here’s to your sweet success.