Be YOU Bravely: Branding Success Stories

Be You Bravely by Zsuzsa NovakThanks to guest blogger, Zsuzsa Novak

On April 15, brand strategist Zsuzsa Novak will be my guest on the Marketing Blab. In this post, she shares the highlights of a few real-life stories to inspire you to be the fullest expression of your essence.

People say I’m strong.

After all I’ve moved to the other side of the globe from my native communist Hungary when I was only 20 years old. I left my family and all the love I had behind – to come to the United States as a maid.

But it was all worth it.

Because I did it for freedom – freedom to be me and all I can be.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Still, it came with a lot of pain and heartache.

People say it took a heck of a lot of bravery, but what they may not see is that it took even more vulnerability.

When I see others making that choice of being so vulnerable by being themselves – both in business and in life – it touches me at the core, making my eyes swell up with tears.

I am touched on a regular basis to see that real, raw, “I dare to be me” attitude in my amazing clients.

Expand and Elevate Your Game

There is Angela – a ridiculously beautiful, brilliant woman – who has been working with me for more than two and a half years, continuously expanding and elevating her game.

Best of all she was already a winner when we started. Literally. She is a tennis champion, she has amazing show dogs and horses, she had a great corporate career. There is nothing this woman cannot do. But Angela was ready to create a business that would help her live the life of her dreams while creating global impact.

Angela continuously chooses to be her Vulnerability Warrior self. I can’t tell you how much I loooove this brand I’ve created for her. It brings authenticity and real strength to her coaching clients.

Through the second brand of Untapped Strength we’ve built for her, she is now consulting for various organizations. Aside from her superb teachings for small businesses on how to use head and heart for expanded influence, she recently got hired by two MAJOR organizations that are literally making the world a safer, better place. I could not be more proud of her!

Are You Living Your Dream?

Though it’s been about a year and a half, I remember clearly when I got teary-eyed and my voice broke during my Starpower Assessment Strategy session with Tammy. Tammy and I have been in the same online entrepreneurship circles for a few years before she signed up to work with me. She said she was finally ready to share her expertise on how to bring more joy into people’s lives.

It took my breath away to see that by the end of our first Assessment call Tammy had transformed into a whole new woman – because she dared to see a bigger vision of herself than ever before and she was no longer scared by her own brilliance.

After that first session Tammy decided to hire me as her one-on-one mentor. Within a year we’ve created her business and brand from the ground up. She launched her own app, got her CDs into stores, lead an amazingly well-received seminar and became a keynote speaker.

For many years prior, Tammy had nothing but a dream. Now she is living that dream! Her gorgeous photography that we took during her Visual Branding Day (and will be using on her new website) is proof of her brilliance shining through so clearly.

A Few More Amazing People Who Inspire

Tiziana flew in from London for her VIP day just last month. This gorgeous woman discovers artists around the globe, puts on pop up exhibits and art events (one is happening in Hong Kong right now as I type) and she facilitates private sales for high-end art collectors.

Though not art in a literal sense, I’m equally amazed by The Art of Freedom that the all-around amazing Michael is teaching with his beloved Stacy. Their Facebook page alone has over 120,000 likes and I love the goodness they’re spreading in the world. Two people I adore and feel honored to support.

The same way it fills my heart to get emails of gratitude from Lisa, who is a Soul Mastery Coach working with world changing leaders, or seeing Jason who has a major speech impediment live and teach the radiant reality of perfect imperfection.

I could highlight many other clients I love, but the point is this: As successful as they are now, and as fancy as their lives sound, none of these amazing people were born privileged.

Not one!

To the contrary, all of them have had TREMENDOUS obstacles and some of them have lived through unspeakable things: bullying, rape, witnessing the murder of a loved one…

Enough Is Enough

These remarkable individuals have one thing in common: at some point they’ve decided that enough is enough. They decided to not just dream of a better life, but to create it for themselves – so that they can live their legacy.

It’s a privilege to support such world-class individuals. A privilege that, come my mentoring day tomorrow, will yet again likely leave me teary-eyed, and so deeply touched.

I hope this inspired you to shine your light brightly.

No matter what obstacles you’ve faced in life, it’s time to be the fullest expression of your essence.

That’s what Starpower is all about: shining the light within you that kept you going forward during dark times.

That’s what makes you a Star in business and in life.

So be you, bravely!

Have you overcome obstacles and realized your brilliance? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million!

About guest blogger, Zsuzsa Novak: Zsuzsa believes that regardless of where you come from, you can create a brilliant business and life. She is a maid turned business and brand strategist, who loves nothing more than helping entrepreneurs stand out and shine. The creator of, her mission is to make our world a brighter place by helping YOU become the star of your field, so that you can make a difference on a global scale. If you’d like her support, be brave to reach out. It is her soul purpose to help you be your most brilliant self.