“So What Do YOU Do?” – My New Book with NY Times Best-Selling Author, Joel Comm

So What Do You Do?
You’re at a party. You only know your host and/or hostess. A stranger approaches you to say “hello.” After finding out what your name is, he/she asks . . . ?

You’re at a networking event. You came to meet new prospects. So, you go up to someone who looks interesting. You introduce yourself, shake their hand and ask “what’s your name?” After they reply, you ask them . . . ?

What’s the question on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue when you first meet?

So what do YOU do?

Colleague and co-author Joel Comm says, “every person has been created by God with a set of unique passions, talents, skills, abilities, personality and presence which makes them completely unique from anyone who has ever, or will ever, live. When you are doing what you were made to do, you have the opportunity to positively impact the people and world around you.”

With that in mind, Joel asked me and approximately 40 other professionals (a few are featured in the image above) to join him in authoring So What Do YOU Do? Discovering the Genius Next Door with One Simple Question. The book launches tomorrow (Oct. 15th). Pick up a copy and you’ll also get access to several bonuses contributed by the authors (myself included).

NY TImes Author Joel Comm and Debra Jason
Joel Comm & Me
You may recognize a hint of your genius in someone else’s story. Or, better yet, you may be inspired to write your own!

Here’s what Stephanie Rainbow Bell had to say after reading the book:

“Thanks to the 43 authors who contributed their inspired stories, and to Joel Comm and Debra Jason for wanting to get these messages into the world, this tired entrepreneur, got re-energized and inspired to keep doing what I do, because this book reminds ALL OF US that we’re ALL geniuses and we all have stories to tell, including you! Namaste & Rainbow Blessings!”

So, if you and I met at a party or an event, how would you answer the question, So What Do YOU Do?”

Please share your answer in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you and learn about the genius inside of you. Respond before Oct. 17th and I’ll select and send one person a copy of the book, with my compliments.