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Are you plagued by months – maybe years – of negative thinking?
Have you been giving into your fears . . . doubting your talents . . . going nowhere fast?

Believe me, you are NOT alone. And the good news is, you can break free from fear, overcome your barriers and thrive as an empowered, successful professional – the one that you know is there deep inside of you!

Debra Jason and Georgina SweeneyMeet my inspirational guest, transformational business coach and money mentor for heart-centered women entrepreneurs, Georgina Sweeney.

In this free teleseminar Georgina explores 7 strategies she used to go from stuck to six figures – in less than 4 months – and how YOU can do the same.  Mark your calendar for Monday, January 9th at 3:00PM Eastern Time (noon PT) and join me as Georgina reveals:

  • How she took her business from nearly standstill to over $100,000 in less than four months – without a website, a list or even business cards!
  • The #1 secret to getting motivated and accelerating your success – you can do this no matter how tired or doubtful you feel.
  • The key to quickly uncovering your inner resistance, transforming your fear and eliminating it so you can soar with grace and ease.

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