Captivate, Compel and Convert Your Prospects Into Raving Fans

Attention coaches, consultants, trainers and solopreneurs . . .

Frustrated because your marketing content isn’t converting?

Are you looking to attract new clients?
Do you have a service or product you’re passionate about, but no one seems to be responding?
Perhaps your message isn’t clear. More likely, it’s not captivating, compelling or convincing to the prospects who read it.

As a service professional – someone who is dedicated to helping others succeed – one of the most important tools you have in offering your programs and services is the content you use to communicate your message.

Copywriter Debra Jason and Blogging Authority Michelle ShaefferIf your content is not captivating, compelling and converting your prospects into loyal, raving fans, you are NOT alone. Understanding this, and committed to helping you succeed, my colleague (and blogging authority) Michelle Shaeffer invited me to share a copywriting success formula with you on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012.

Join us for a free teleseminar where you’ll discover an easy-to-follow 5-step formula designed to help your ideal clients connect with your message – one that reaches out to them and gets them to respond. Entitled “Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons,” this power-packed session explores how to communicate your passion in a way that transforms your words into results.

Whether you’re writing an online sales page, video sales letter, brochure or other marketing materials, by the end of this session, you’ll understand how you can reach out and:

  • Grab your prospects’ attention.
  • Make them feel you understand their needs.
  • Keep them reading and wanting more.
  • Get them to click on the “buy now” button or pick up the phone and call you.

Ready to discover the one magic bullet for communicating your passion with heart, not hype . . . attracting new clients . . . making a difference in their lives?

Listen to the call via phone or Webcast on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 12:00pm PT. To do so, simply complete and submit the sign up form below.

Here’s to your writing success!