Nonprofit copywriting tips: 5 “how-to” fundraising pointers from direct mail pros

According to an article in DM News, even when integrating online and social media elements to their marketing toolbox, direct mail continues to be a winning strategy for nonprofit marketers. "We are, as much as possible, using multichannel marketing, but most of our eggs are in direct mail. We have been in the direct mail business for more than 15 years, and it is our most robust database of donor information," said Elizabeth LaBorde, VP of development at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. "Our most … [Read more...]

Nonprofits still choose direct mail for successful fundraising

Back in 1995, I wrote one of my "How-To Reports" about fundraising. Reviewing that report, I realized that many of the direct mail strategies and copywriting tips I covered back then still hold true today. So I'd like to share some of them with you here. Perhaps you work for the county humane society. . . the AIDS project in your area. . . the local hospice. Whichever nonprofit cause you support, as an employee or a volunteer, there is always one aspect in common - the need to raise funds. … [Read more...]