Gary Halbert’s Timeless Copywriting Tips

Back in April of 1991, when my business was just 2 years old, I had the good fortune of attending a seminar hosted by copywriter Gary Halbert. A legend in the industry (and he probably would have said in his own mind as well), Gary provided us with his book How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time! While doing some much-needed housekeeping, I came across Gary's book (a compilation of his newsletters) and sat down for a re-read. Released in 1990, before the Internet took the world by storm, … [Read more...]

Are Newsletters In Your Marketing Toolbox?

When you think of direct marketing promotions, a newsletter probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, it can be a great direct marketing tool for promoting your product or service. As Lila Freilicher explained in her article "Newsletters Can Build Your Reputation" (DM News), "It will develop your image and uniqueness as an industry leader and your reputation as a company offering quality products and services. And a well-thought-out newsletter can be used as a direct … [Read more...]

Tips for Writing Newsletters that Build Relationships

Newsletters - whether in print or online - are a great way to stay in touch with your customers & prospects while building long-term relationships with them.  A good promotional newsletter offers valuable, worthwhile information to its readers. They are not as aggressive at selling as other forms of marketing. Yes, they may promote your business, but they're not hard core sales tools. I, for one, make it a point to pack my newsletters with information my readers can use and keep any … [Read more...]

Copywriting Tips: KISS Your Prospects and Customers

Want to know how to write compelling copy that's easy for your prospects and customers to read? KISS them! While some people equate this acronym with “Keep it simple stupid,” I prefer to use “KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART!” Clarity is extremely important in writing marketing content – be it a brochure, blog, direct mail piece or Web site. You want to create a conversation between you and your audience, but how to you do that when you’re not face-to-face? The difference between conversation … [Read more...]

What to write about?

It's the new year and it seems, from Facebook to Twitter, many people are writing about their goals or asking what others have planned for this, the first week of 2011. Me? I'm faced with writer's block and am wondering what to write about. So, I thought, "why not write about what to write about?" Whether you're posting blogs on your Web site, tips on your Fan Page or writing a newsletter, coming up with fresh content on a consistent basis can be a challenge. Here are eight helpful ideas to … [Read more...]