Where Is Your Audience Socializing Online?

As marketers, we're always cognizant of the fact that we need to identify our ideal clients and target our message to them. With social networks playing a large role in the marketing mix, do you know where your audience is socializing? In a post on AdWeek.com Debra Aho Williams, eMarketer's principal analyst said,"Let's face it: As much as we complain about those over-sharers who inundate us with baby photos and vacation snapshots, we're still in love with social networking. More than half … [Read more...]

Are You Overwhelmed By Social Media? Here’s Your Ticket To Eliminate That Overwhelm

When I speak about social media marketing - or just in everyday conversation around the topic - two questions that come up repeatedly are: 1) Do I have to do it all? LinkedIn . . . Twitter. . . Facebook . . . Google + . . . Pinterest . . . Instagram . . . Klout? 2) It takes so much time, I get overwhelmed. How much time should I spend on it? While you may read posts or articles about "social media in 10 minutes a day," I'm not one to make that promise. Social media marketing does require your … [Read more...]

Are You Pinning Your YouTube Videos on Pinterest?

Earlier this month I received an email from colleague & YouTube authority James Wedmore. He was asking his subscribers if they had started pinning their YouTube videos on Pinterest. I hadn't thought about doing it, but pinning helps you reach more people, increase your video views and generate more leads. So, after receiving James' email, I thought "why not?" and followed his advice. Then, right behind James' heels, I came across my colleague and blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer's video … [Read more...]