“Sharing” Is Not Only Important; It’s Polite: 3 Tips to Integrate Your Social Media with Direct Mail

Thanks to guest blogger, Kevin Naughton at PrintComm Numerous studies show that tried-and-true direct mail is still one of the best methods to market your business, product or event. However, that doesn’t mean that the ROI on direct mail can’t be improved by implementing some additional tactics. Integrating social media into your direct mail campaign can help you achieve better results, and, in many cases, can open you up to a whole new audience of consumers who become prime candidates for … [Read more...]

Shopping for QR Codes – Part II

A few months ago, guest blogger Neal Sceva promised to go shopping at his local Safeway supermarket to see whether or not QR Codes were being used. Here are the results of his shopping excursion. Sorry to say, my shopping excursion at Safeway did not yield a bounty of QR Codes. When I approached the store manager to inquire about QR Codes, I was surprised to learn that he did not even know what I was talking about. I provided a quick lesson on the advantages of the technology and continued my … [Read more...]

Have You Been Shopping for QR Codes?

Ever since I first saw a QR Code a couple of years ago, I have been totally fascinated by them. I started reading every article, report and blog I could find on the topic online. The more I read, the more I became convinced that this new mobile connection device would be the key to increasing print and direct mail as important and relevant communications channels. I had unfortunately stood on the sidelines a decade or so ago when Internet communications decimated the print and direct mail … [Read more...]