LinkedIn Profile Tip: Do You Know How to Optimize Your Website Links for Keyword Phrases? – Update

Here’s another little LinkedIn optimization tip for you – one that many folks are not aware of (this post has been updated to reflect the changes in the User Interface that LinkedIn launched in 2017) Under your “Contact and Personal Info” tab, you can list up to three website links. Many people just insert one thinking, “I have one website.” However, if that’s the case, why not take advantage of this opportunity to lead people to several pages of your Web site? And, while you’re doing so … [Read more...]

Pointers For Writing Great Copy With Strong SEO Value

Thanks to guest blogger, Sparky Parker No matter how advanced the field of online marketing gets, there will always be a vital role for copywriting. Your web pages are nothing without content and in order to get content you have to write it or have it written. You want your pages to be easy to find and that means engaging in some SEO (search engine optimization). Stop Mining The Surface Back when people started optimizing for search engine performance, it was mostly a numbers game. The … [Read more...]

Is Your Web Content Relevant?

While search engine algorithms change frequently (more than we'd like), one basic component has remained steady over time. And that's relevancy. It's one word you've probably heard repeatedly when discussing search engine optimization. So, the question is, "Is your site relevant for the keyword phrase(s) being searched by your prospects?" This isn't a post about how to achieve page one ranking on Google. There are no magic tricks to doing that (though some folks out there may lead you to … [Read more...]

How Well Are You Managing Your Online Reviews?

Thanks to guest blogger, Michelle Hoglan. On October 16th, Michelle was my featured guest on the Marketing Blab (click here to see the recording). Enjoy this post from Michelle about online review management. As a small business owner, do you realize how important online reviews are? According to BrightLocal, 92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses. That figure is up from 88% in 2014! There has never been a more critical time to dive in to gathering feedback from … [Read more...]

Is Your Copywriting Safe from Google’s Hummingbird Update?

As you may know by now, Google’s gone and done it again — they’ve changed the algorithm they use to give search engine results, and it’s got some content producers running scared. The update, code-named Hummingbird, is focused mainly on what Google sees as the future of search: voice search. Think about when you’re driving or out and about and you use the voice control on your phone to search for something. You don’t say “Coffee and WiFi and zip code 80021;” you say something more like, … [Read more...]