Celebrating a Quarter of a Century as a Copywriting Solopreneur

Celebrating Quarter of a Century as a Copywriting SolopreneurBoy, I feel old when I hear “a quarter of a century.” I remember when I celebrated my 25th birthday and someone used that phrase. I thought “don’t age me so before my time.”

Yet, here it is – 25 years after I opened my doors for my business. January 1, 1989 is when my life changed. Back then, I thought, “I worked really hard for other people so why not work hard for myself?

And, so I did and I’m proud to say I’m still at it.

It’s been a wild ride and after 25 years, things are shifting in my business. Wanting to educate, inspire and empower others, I am pursuing more speaking/training opportunities so I can offer you power tools to help you:

  • Gain exposure for your business.
  • Excel at copywriting/marketing/social media.
  • Attract clients and see results.
  • Enjoy living your dreams of having your own lifestyle business.

“Debra, you are an enormously talented marketing person . . . I deeply feel that you are far more than a copywriter. You have the required toughness and fortitude to be an excellent and supremely successful entrepreneur.” – the late Eugene. Schwartz, Instant Improvement, NY, NY

Entrepreneur? While my mentor Gene, and some other people might say that’s what I am, I consider myself a solopreneur. Like me, entrepreneurs may start out on their own, but I think they build a small business with employees or grow into a large empire (like Steve Jobs).

When I’m speaking, I like to tell other aspiring solopreneurs that, I may work FOR myself, but I’m not BY myself.

Believe me, over all these years, there have been down days where I thought “what am I doing?” I’ve been fortunate to have always had a strong network, not only of colleagues, but of supportive friends and family. When I have doubts (yes, after 25 years, I still have those moments), they remind me of my brilliance.

To celebrate my 25 year anniversary, I’ll be heading to New Zealand in January – a trip I’ve wanted to take for years. So you may not hear from me as I’ll be traveling (and enjoying the summer over there). I’m so excited! And, am grateful to have this opportunity.

Mom & DadI’m also eternally grateful to my late parents who were two role models. My mom started a real estate agency with her girlfriends. Then, went on to become a travel agent because she loved to travel! I probably got my work ethic from my dad who ran his own CPA firm – not to mention, he provided me with my first computer when I started.

And, thanks to all of you – colleagues, coaches, clients, friends and other members of my family who continue to inspire and encourage me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

How long have you been in business? Please share your comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and here’s to your sweet success.