Baffled by LinkedIn®?

Like many professionals, you may wonder, “I’m on LinkedIn because a friend invited me. But nothing is happening.” Now is the time to uncover how to make the most of your experience on the network.

Clear up the confusion and discover what it means to create an engaging profile.

As more and more professionals search online before meeting you (either virtually or in-person), you are in a position to win or lose when they get to your LinkedIn profile and see your activity there.

Clients, prospects, potential partners and colleagues are engaging on LinkedIn on a regular basis providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate that you are an industry expert who:

  • Enables deeper engagement with your community.
  • Builds thought leadership by being a voice in your industry.
  • Directs and influences the behavior of others.
  • Rocks your personal brand.

According to LinkedIn, having a complete profile opens the door for you to receive up to 40 times more opportunities through the network. However, if your profile is not robust, viewers won’t engage. Like a dating site, they’ll be tempted to “swipe left,” and move on.

If you feel like “nothing is happening” on the network, there may be several reasons for this.  Let’s eliminate the mystery. Work with a seasoned marketing professional to review not only your profile, but to reveal mistakes you may be making (and how to avoid them) on the network.

Discover how to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. . .

Stressed about LinkedIn

“Debra is a great resource for relationship marketing! After a two-hour consultation our team was clear on messaging and understood best social media practices for sharing our services with potential clients. In just one day’s time we had already increased high-quality connections from Debra’s guidance! Thank you Debra.” ~ A. Gaffney, Castle Rock, CO

“I learned more in two hours listening and working with Debra than I have been able to accomplish on my own on LinkedIn in the past 6 months!” ~ K. Wexler, Greenwood Village, CO

Leverage LinkedIn

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn.
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During this two-hour social networking consultation, I sit down with you (and your laptop) and go over your profile, make sure it’s robust and optimized for keyword phrases, review your engagement strategies, and answer your questions about the network.

From authors and engineers to speakers and real estate agents, I have guided hundreds of professionals in creating robust and optimized LinkedIn profiles that help them open the doors to receiving more opportunities on the network.

Whether you’re considering reinventing yourself or you’re rethinking what kind of impression your LinkedIn profile makes on those who see it, take the next step, contact me and let’s see if we’re a fit to work together.

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