Copywriters: Three Reasons They’re a Must-Have Resource for Your Business

Thanks to guest blogger Alvina Lopez.

Copywriters Boost BusinessCopywriters—they’re an extremely vital component of any marketing team. No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or even a coach for example, your business’ success revolves around making sales. Therefore, you need a copywriter.

In a nutshell, copywriters are the ones who diligently work to make sure that the creative trifecta—brand recognition, trust and credibility, and of course sale numbers—is met. That said, it’s a copywriter’s job to write content that is persuasive in nature and can lure-in prospects and convert them into customers.

Here are 3 reasons copywriters are a must-have resource for your business:

1. They Give a Different Perspective. Occasionally some professionals, especially small business owners, take the initiative to write the content for their marketing package on their own. After all, who knows about their particular business better than themselves? While that may be true, all too often business owners try to weave in the history of the family business for example and ramble on in their pitch instead of really hooking their readers in.

Family history can be a nice subtle touch if included in the right manner, but if it adds no value your prospects won’t find it endearing and will pass your product up. Unless your product or service benefits prospects in some way, they won’t buy.

Copywriters on the other hand, know how to use the power of words to peek someone’s interest and are highly qualified in terms of communication skills. They are trained to not only get right into the meat of what you are trying to sell, but they are good at communicating the benefits of your product/service, which persuades prospects to buy.

2. They Provide Error-Free Content.
Even the slightest typo (accidently mistaking you’re with your) can equate to hundreds of potential customers lost. After all, clients need to trust you and your product and providing content that is strewn with typos can ultimately result in a loss of authority. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, typos are messy and look unprofessional.

Copywriters, tend to be perfectionists when it comes to language. That’s not to say that copywriters don’t break the rules of grammar, but they do so strategically. Not to mention they scour everything with a fine tooth comb; they write concisely; they are pros at creating creative headlines to grab a prospect’s attention; and they know how to craft a friendly tone that conveys the appropriate message.

3. They Boost Web Leads. Lastly, and most importantly, copywriters can help you generate leads and boost sales by optimizing your web content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriters are experts in using strong keywords to ensure that your blog and or website has the best chance of achieving high search engine rankings.

Statistics from The University of Utah show that consumers typically click through only the first few listings of a search results page and almost always click on the first option that appears on the first page. This means that the higher you are ranked, the more likely a prospect will click on your site and purchase your product/service. Thus, you want a copywriter on your team who understands the value of writing keyword-enhanced copy.

That said, the value of copywriters shouldn’t be taken lightly. They truly have the ability to take your business to profound heights. And if hiring one full-time is not in the cards for you, remember that there are many talented freelance copywriters who can assist you with creating compelling content that attracts new clients.

About Guest Blogger Alvina Lopez: Based out of Houston, TX, Alvina is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges.