5 Copywriting Mistakes That Cost Your Business Money

Copywriting mistakesAre you fed up with your Web site? Frustrated because it’s not converting?

Maybe, at first, you loved the design and envisioned prospects calling . . . emailing. . . becoming loyal customers. You heard the sound of “ka-ching” in your head, but that was the only place you heard it.

Nothing happened.

Maybe there was a “knock-knock” on your door – that is, people visited your site – but no one was home. Visitors didn’t understand what you do or how you could help them. They took a quick peek, and left as quickly as they came (i.e. clicked onto your competitor’s site instead). AGH!

Now you’re scratching your head thinking, “what happened?”

What did happen? You made one – or maybe all 5 – of the most common copywriting mistakes.

Relax! The beauty of the Internet is that you can go back, review and revise your content so that your copywriting converts to cash. But you need to know what to do.

If you’ve wondered, “what went wrong?” then join Debra Jason and her hosts Cheri & Richard Martin for this complimentary Marketing Mastery webinar. Having run her business for more than 25 years (and written thousands upon thousands of words), Debra is going to discuss, “5 Copywriting Mistakes That Cost Your Business Money AND How To Avoid Them.”

You won’t just hear about the mistakes, you’ll discover how to avoid them so that your content captivates, compels and converts.

In this session, you’ll find out how to:

  • Evoke your readers’ interest in a way that tempts them to respond.
  • Knock your prospects’ socks off so they say “yes, you understand me. I need what you’re offering!”
  • Differentiate why a headline works for converting one prospect, but not another.
  • Eliminate writing mistakes that repel people away from your web site. Get them to resonate and respond.
  • Use one word that “tips readers over the edge” when it comes to motivating them to take action.

Mark your calendar to join us for this complimentary program:
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
3:30pm ET | 1:30pm MT | 12:30pm PT

Copywriting MistakesReady to start writing copy that resonates with your prospects – not repels them?

This 90-minute program is designed for enthusiastic business owners, and creative and service-based solopreneurs – like you – ready to make a change to their current creative approach. Sign up today. Simply complete and submit the information below. “See” you on the call!


About Your Presenter – Debra Jason
Copywriter Debra JasonA recipient of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association’s (RMDMA) “Creative Person of the Year Award,” Debra started The Write Direction in 1989. Past President of the RMDMA, she is a seasoned copywriter with more than 25 years of experience in the field of direct marketing.

As a professional copywriter, she educates, inspires and empowers creative solopreneurs, passion-driven coaches and enthusiastic business professionals to communicate their marketing message in a way that captivates and converts their prospects into loyal customers – even if they have been struggling with how to transform their ideas into words in the past.