Copywriting Tips Revealed on The Networking CEO Show

Networking CEO w/Patty FarmerPatty Farmer, “The Networking CEO(TM)”, is a highly sought after public speaker, radio show host, author, and marketing professional. She is a shining example of how passionate leadership coupled with a truly personal touch can create a meaningful and enduring platform bringing lasting and very real-world benefits.

I am honored that Patty has invited me to be a featured guest to speak about copywriting tips on her Networking CEO radio show. During the live broadcast on May 3, 2013 we discussed:

  • How you can best communicate your passion to get results.
  • A formula you can use to tempt your prospects to respond.
  • Two things you need to know before ever putting a pen to paper.

The show aired at 10:00am CT (9:00am MT). If you missed the live broadcast, click here and listen to the replay. Then, share your thoughts in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you. Or, if you have a copywriting question you want answered, please let me know. Thanks!