Creative Whispers of the Heart

Alcohol Ink Creations & More by Debra Jason

Original Alcohol Ink Art
In approximately 2018, I heard about alcohol inks and decided I wanted to let my inner artist, out. So I bought a set of inks and sat down to paint. However, I wasn’t pleased with my creations.

I later learned of an artist who taught a class in painting with alcohol inks and I signed up. Alas, I still wasn’t thrilled with the final results. Therefore, I put the inks aside thinking, “I’ll try it again another day.”

Well, about two years went by and the inks sat in a bag. Until COVID-19 hit. With stay-at-home orders in place, I decided to finally pull out the inks again. This time I decided I would play and experiment with technique and color. And, not judge the results.

I started to post some of the images online (i.e., Facebook) asking my friends for suggested names of the pieces or just for their preferences. I received a ton of positive, uplifting feedback AND someone purchased one of my pieces. That’s when I took it a step further and looked into turning the paintings into earrings (sold out), notecards, ornaments, pendants and silk scarves.

“I sent my Aunt one of your cards. She messaged me today to say how much it cheered her up. I am so happy you are sharing your art in creative ways and having ripple effects across the world.” ~ M. Barrett, Broomfield, CO

Treat Yourself or Someone You Love to a Gift Today

Enjoy these Creative Whispers of the Heart. Thanks a million in advance for your support.

Hand-Painted Pendants

Necklaces for women are hand-painted featuring a tiny, original alcohol ink painting.
The vibrant hand-painted pendant is then placed into a bezel setting, which gracefully hangs from an 18″ metal (vintage brass or silver) chain and has a 2″ extender.

Mounted under a glass cabochon, hand-painted jewelry makes a one-of-a-kind, artistic gift for her (or for yourself).
Need a gift for mom, a friend, relative or a holiday gift that’s unique and different?
For the discerning woman, each hand-painted necklace is wearable art that makes a statement.
Place your order here.

hand painted alcohol ink pendants

Vintage-style brass chain

hand painted alcohol ink pendant

Hand-painted Pendant

Hand painted alcohol ink pendants

Silver metal chain


Alcohol Ink Paintings – Imagery to Inspire

Below is a small sampling of the designs I’ve created using alcohol inks. Using various techniques, the ink takes on a life of its own with a little help from me. Please visit my website to purchase original works of art OR contact me if you’d like to commission a piece.
Prints of some of my work are available in various sizes in my portfolio on Fine Art America.

Ethereal Alcohol Ink Painting

Ethereal (SOLD)

Alcohol Ink Painting by Debra Jason

Morning Sun (SOLD)

Study in Purple Alcohol Ink Painting

Study in Purple

Purple Ocean Alcohol Ink Painting

Purple Ocean

Alcohol Ink Painting by Debra Jason

Butterfly (SOLD)

Blue Sky Sunshine Alcohol Ink Painting

Blue Sky Sunshine

Swirling Alcohol Ink Painting by Debra Jason


Reflections Alcohol Ink Painting by Debra Jason


Fairy Orchids Alcohol Ink Painting

Fairy Orchids

Sedona Sun Alcohol Ink Painting

Sedona Sun (SOLD)

Purple Haze Alcohol Ink Painting

Purple Haze (SOLD)

Ocean Bubbles Alcohol Ink Painting

Ocean Bubbles


Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Hand Painted Silk ScarfThese 100% silk scarves are hand painted with alcohol inks. Soft and luxurious to the touch, they are Habotai silk, hemmed with silk thread. Place your order here.

Creative Whispers of the Heart Notecards

Alcohol ink notecards

Do you still send handwritten notes?
It’s something everyone likes to find in their mailboxes – a special sentiment written by you especially to them.Alcohol ink notecards

Each of these alcohol ink greeting cards is a replica of one of my original alcohol ink paintings. Choose from different sets of four.

Set of four cards (4.25″ x 5.5″), blank inside with four envelopes. $23.99/set (includes S&H)
NOTE: If any card is out of stock, it may be substituted with another – different – alcohol ink design, of the artist’s choice.
Creative Whispers of the Heart Notecards

If you are interested in purchasing any of these cards individually in bulk, please contact me directly.

“These cards are so beautiful and made with love that they really make a statement. I gift them to people I like AND love, so this is a gift that covers a wide range of gift needs, plus, I use them myself. Great work!” ~L. Johnson, Oceanside, CA

Writing Journals

Every Day is a Fresh Start Writing JournalWhether you’re an artist, a writer, or neither, ideas probably come to mind at the least expected moments. Don’t be without a lined journaling notebook nearby where, when inspiration strikes, you’ll be able to jot down thoughts or sketch your ideas.
Bloom Where You Are Planted Writing Journal
One doesn’t need to be an artist or an author to have creative ideas. A blank lined writing journal notebook makes a great motivational gift for women or someone special in your life be it your mom, sibling, best friend, spouse, relative or fellow artist. Journaling also helps you process ideas, deal with emotions, track special occasions or events that happen in your life.

Begin your day with “Every Day is a Fresh Start” or let your creative ideas blossom as soon as they pop into your mind:

Also available (not pictured here):

“Bought my journal in Denver and use it a lot, in Mexico. Helps keep me grounded and remembering what day it is and all my memories. Thanks, Debra for your beautiful artwork!” ~ C. Warden, Denver, CO

Creative Whispers of the Heart – Throw Pillows

Below are two of my alcohol ink paintings that have been reproduced onto throw pillows. Accent any room – from the bedroom and living room to a guest room or office – with these lovely throw pillows. A variety of my alcohol ink paintings are available and each is offered in a range of sizes with inserts and without.

Alcohol Ink Art Throw Pillow

Flowers for Laura

Alcohol Ink Art Throw Pillow

Blue Rose Bouquet


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