Does Your Website Attract Loyal Customers?

Copywriting mistakesEach month The GPS Academy presents “Marketing Mastery with the Experts.” Each show features a guest marketing expert who shares their tips in an effort to help you grow your business.

This month, on April 23rd, I am honored that business growth strategists Cheri & Richard Martin have invited to host me as their featured guest.

During the live broadcast, I’ll be speaking about 5 copywriting mistakes that cost your business money AND how to avoid them. You won’t just hear about the mistakes, you’ll discover how to avoid them so that your content captivates, compels and converts prospects into loyal customers.

Join us for the session and find out how to:

  • Evoke your readers’ interest in a way that tempts them to respond.
  • Knock your prospects’ socks off so they say “yes, you understand me. I need what you’re offering!”
  • Differentiate why a headline works for converting one prospect, but not another.
  • Eliminate writing mistakes that repel people away from your web site. Get them to resonate and respond.
  • Use one word that “tips readers over the edge” when it comes to motivating them to take action.

The show airs at 3:30pm ET (1:30pm MT) on April 23, 2014. Have a copywriting question you want answered on the show? Listen in or post it here because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.