Six Fascinating Entrepreneurial Women I Met in 2011

What a better way to start the new year than to acknowledge some of the wonderful connections I’m grateful to have made in 2011. I look forward to sharing new adventures with them in 2012.

Here are six of the fascinating entrepreneurial women that I know you’d love to connect with as well:

Debra Jason and Georgina SweeneyGeorgina Sweeney – I “met” Georgina virtually when she was a guest speaker on a teleseminar and we connected afterward on Facebook. I was honored to meet her in person and start working with her at the end of 2011. She helps heart-centered women entrepreneurs create their own freedom – the freedom to be who they are, do what they love and earn what they want, NOW! She is passionate about empowering women to listen to their heart. She shares her story here.

Debra Jason and Stephanie LH CalahanStephanie LH Calahan – A productivity specialist, Stephanie helps you find more time in your day, more space on your desk and regain the traction you need to move your business forward™ . Stephanie and I met via Twitter and communicated that way for a while (at least a year, if not more). In 2011, we met via Skype and then, had the opportunity to meet face-to-face and became fast friends. Sign up for her free productivity tips here.

Debra Jason and Michelle ShaefferMichelle Shaeffer – In 2010 I listened to Michelle during a teleseminar about blogging. I didn’t know her personally at that time. However, in 2011, we met during a workshop in California and I feel so fortunate to have made the connection with her. She’s been a guest on my blog and vice versa. Michelle shares her knowledge teaching other solopreneurs how to overcome technical problems, leverage their websites and blogs so you get noticed, get clients, and generally simplify the chaos that comes with doing your business online. You may find her by clicking here.

Lianda Ludwig and Debra JasonLianda Ludwig – The best diet is one you don’t know you’re on. Lianda works with frustrated, disappointed women (and men, as well) who are on a “diet” or trying to transform to live a healthy lifestyle, but fall back into their old patterns. Visit her and request your free copy of “5 Dirty Little Secrets the Dieting Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know” here.

Andrea Feinberg – Both being from the east coast (I was born and raised in NYC), Andrea & I connected when we met in late 2011. During the 11 years she has coached business owners, she discovered a they all shared the desire to have more free time; to be engaged in activities that, for them, represent passion, personal growth, more money and, ultimately, freedom. Andrea helps you assess if you’re a “time junkie” here.

Terry WildemannTerry Wildemann – As a business intuitive, Terry takes an integrative “heart centered” approach to gently guide teams, entrepreneurs and professionals to break out of their shell and shift towards becoming better team members, better managers, and better company representatives. You may connect with her here.

There are more people on my list, but I’d like to know about your year. Did you meet some fascinating women (and/or men) in 2011? Please share your experiences in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy new yearHere’s wishing you a fabulous 2012 – may today and everyday be filled with love, laughter, good health and success!