Five Benefits of Giving Testimonials for Connecting

Social proofThanks to guest blogger, Felicia Slattery

“Shifting your focus from getting to giving is not only a nice way to live life and conduct business, but a very profitable way as well.” ~Bob Burg and John David Mann

The above is a quote that Felicia Slattery shares in Chapter 15 of her book Kill The Elevator Speech. On October 9th, Felicia will be my featured guest on the Marketing Blab at 11:30am MT (1:30pm ET). Please join us. In the meantime, below is an excerpt from that chapter of her book.

Testimonials work as an excellent way to connect with someone else because they benefit the receiver and you as the giver. . . . When you take the universal truth related to giving and receiving and apply it to how you run your business today, you end up with some powerful principles that will benefit you as well as those to whom you give. . .

The First Benefit: You Open Up the Sending and Receiving Dynamic

…this giving-receiving dynamic has been described for centuries and without one – giving – you cannot successfully have the other – receiving.

Give excellent testimonials first and freely; then be open to receive. The principle may not be exactly like a cosmic bank account where you put something good in and get something good in return, but regardless of the teachings you follow, apparently it’s pretty darn close!

The Second Benefit: You End Up with a Grateful Product or Service Provider

“So what?” you ask. “So what if someone is grateful for my testimonial? What do I get out of that?” Well, here’s so what: people remember when others do good for them. The next time you go into your local print shop where you posted a positive review, you could find that you get a 10 percent discount; or when the nice lady at the coffee shop you stop by every morning knows you gave her a positive review on, she’ll make your medium size into a large.

Getting more of what we like is a good thing. Particularly when you get to help others in the bargain!

The Third Benefit: People See You as Articulate

When others see your testimonial posted as a video on a website or they read a well-written text-based review that you’ve given, unsolicited, you raise your own status in the marketplace as an articulate person with an opinion and something important to say. It shows you are attentive to other people’s value, which says offering value is something important to you as well.

Interpersonal communication teaches that we are attracted to those we see as possessing good communication skills and abilities. An excellent, well-delivered testimonial breaks the ice and can open up the lines of communication.

The Fourth Benefit: You Get More Exposure and Name Recognition

The more testimonials you begin to freely give to others, you’ll start to get this type of reaction: “I see you everywhere!” And it’s true: your name, photo, or video will be featured on other business websites, blog posts, brochures, ads, email promotions, and more.

If we’re talking about getting “sticky,” it doesn’t get stickier than this. And, using the “know-like-trust” model, people knowing you is the first step to them doing business with you.

The Fifth Benefit: You Get Hired and Make Money

As more people begin to see you and you get that recognition, particularly if you are writing testimonials in your industry or geographic area, the effect of you looking articulate and clearly understanding the importance of providing value and a positive customer experience can lead to those in your market seeking you out…

It feels awesome when you receive positive feedback from your clients or colleagues. Doesn’t it? Imagine making someone else feel that way as well. Have you shot a video testimonial or written one for a colleague or business provider? Please share you comments below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and here’s to your sweet success.

About guest blogger, Felicia Slattery: A communication consultant, author and speaker, Felicia lives life on her terms – full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. She uses her knowledge & experience to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to effectively communicate their messages and reach their goals. This post is an excerpt from her book Kill the Elevator Speech.