Freelancers! Transform Your Frustration Into Freedom

From Freelance to FreedomDo you feel like you’re sitting on a goldmine of talent, but can’t get others to recognize or pay you for it? Or perhaps you find yourself saying, “I feel like I missed something in school – I need a stronger network, but I don’t know how to build it!”

I can relate. Having started my own business as a freelance copywriter 24 1/2 years ago, I know what it’s like to get a business off the ground … get the word out to prospects … increase one’s visibility in the marketplace …

After receiving many phone calls and e-mails from frustrated freelancers and creative solopreneurs, I realized that a lot of business owners would like to figure out what I’ve been doing naturally for the last quarter of a century.

Therefore, I’d like to personally invite you to my upcoming complimentary teleseminar. Please join me on June 12th for “From Freelance to Freedom” as we explore:

  • My 6 secrets of how to stay in business 24+ years.
  • 3 ways to get out there & get noticed so clients can find YOU.
  • How to enjoy a consistent income so you’re not sweating from gig to gig – worrying about where the next project will come from.
  • One simple step you can take that leads to referrals and new business.
  • 5 pointers for identifying your ideal client – remember, they just don’t get to choose you, you get to choose them.
  • How to find clients from the comfort of your own home (you can do it with your PJs on). TIP: It’s something other than social media.
  • The best way to market and expose yourself to prospects – without a hard-core sales pitch.

How do you take your business as a freelancer or creative solopreneur to the next level? Sign up for the free telesminar today.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the call.

Have a question? Please share it below and I’ll do my best to answer it on the call. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and here’s to your sweet success!

Debra Jason

Marketing & writing with heart, not hype at at The Write Direction
A recipient of the “Creative Person of the Year” award, Debra educates and empowers creative solopreneurs and enthusiastic business owners to create a lifestyle business that provides them with the flexibility, fun and freedom to do what they love. She also inspires you to communicate your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal, raving fans - even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful teleseminar! I’m going to sign up and I’m looking forward to seeing you too!
    Denys Kelley recently posted…Are you thinking outside the box?My Profile

  2. What a great service. There are a lot of people trying to figure out all of the changes to marketing that’s going on with technology and shifts from more expensive, formal ways to reach a market.

    The key is to know who you want to reach, and then figure out where to reach them. Thanks for helping so many out!!!!
    Don Purdum recently posted…5 Reasons to Stop Following the Crowd and Losing Your Business in the Process?My Profile

    • Hi Don,
      Yes, things are changing constantly especially when it comes to technology & social media marketing. It is important to know who your “peeps” are and where to find them. And, also how to get your message out there so they can find YOU!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here’s to your sweet success.

  3. This is a problem facing more and more people nowdays. With so many authors, how does each one reach readers? If you have the secret, you’ll find people flocking to your door.
    Francene Stanley recently posted…June 5thMy Profile

    • Getting the word out there and building relationships (i.e. marketing) is not anything new. However, these days we are all overloaded with messages from our mailbox to our inbox so standing out has become a greater challenge.

      If you’re genuine in your message and reach out to those who resonate with it, you’ll begin to build lasting relationships – not just followers, but fans and friends who know, like and trust you.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ~Debra

  4. Hi Debra. I’d love to attend. Alas, time differences. Would there be a replay?


    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…Are You on Course for a Burnout?My Profile

  5. YES! OUI! I am in! I have been asking myself these very questions lately, and feeling frustrated, so I am so in, and incredibly grateful for this impeccable timing. I am all signed up and ready to soak in your wisdom 🙂 And, lovely video on your squeeze page–you are great on video!! How nice to see you in “real life”, speaking and in action!!!! YAY!
    eyenie recently posted…The Mile-High City + Morphing Into My Higher SelfMy Profile

    • Timing is everything Eyenie. I’m thrilled that this teleseminar is taking place at just the right time for you. Glad you liked the video. Since we were unable to meet in person while you were in the “Mile High City,” at least we’ve connected in other ways. I look forward to “seeing” you on the call.
      Merci! ~Debra

  6. Wow Debra! You’ve got what I need. A whole lot of help with marketing! I am checking out your teleseminar later today. I have a book in the works but the problem always is how to get it into the readers hands!
    Belinda Rose recently posted…Don’t Judge A Book By Its CoverMy Profile

    • Cool Belinda! We could all use a little help (or a lot) with marketing. There’s always something new to learn or something “older” that we need a reminder about. Happy to help. ~Debra

  7. Hi Debra- I’m intrigued and interested in hearing your perspective. I have a call at 3:30. Will this be recoreded? And you do look so natural on camera:-) go girl! xo Dana
    Dana recently posted…Soulfit Women SisterhoodMy Profile

  8. I love how it came naturally to you and now you are ready to share your knowledge. Lovely!
    Jacqueline Fairbrass recently posted…Choose Happy – It’s All in the BreathMy Profile

    • Thanks Jacqueline. I’ve shared my knowledge with many over the years. I finally decided it was time to share it on a bigger level so I can educate & inspire others to create a lifestyle that provides them with flexibility, fun and freedom do what they love. ~Debra

  9. Having been a copywriter for many years, this sounds like a great class! all the best. It’s wonderful how you’re sharing your knowledge with others who aspire to work for themselves, too. All the best
    Tracey Ceurvels recently posted…12 best bakeries in NYC {keep your dreams alive}My Profile

    • Tracey, I’ve been sharing my knowledge with others who are not only aspiring, but have been in business for some time. I receive phone calls and emails and finally has an “AHA” moment where I realized it was time to reach out on a bigger level and invite other creative solopreneurs and freelancers to join in.
      Thanks. ~Debra

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