How I Became A Kindle Author Without Even Trying & You Can Get My Book For Free

Kindle Ebook - Copywriting tipsFirst, I have to admit, the idea for this post did not come about as an original thought of mine. It was inspired (and closely replicated – with her permission) by my dear friend and colleague Michelle Shaeffer.

We are both two of the contributors in Kelly Galea’s Creative in Business Giveaway. Kelly has a fun, inspiring podcast show that she invited me on as a guest last month.

During the broadcast, we chatted about copywriting and I shared a 5-step formula designed to help your ideal clients connect with your message – one that reaches out to them and gets them to respond.

After Kelly interviewed me, she had the conversation transcribed, and took the time to send me a copy via snail mail. And as if that wasn’t enough, in a brilliant flash of repurposing genius, she took the transcripts from her various podcasts and turned them into short Amazon Kindle ebooks. How cool is that?

So now, without even trying, I’m a bonafide Amazon/Kindle Author. I even have an author page (thanks to Michelle’s tip on how to set that up).

My Kindle ebook is called “Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons: A 5-Step Copywriting Formula” and starting today, you can grab a copy for free (until Friday, June 28th, 2013).

In addition, Kelly has interviewed a myriad of fascinating and successful entrepreneurs. And, you can also get access to those interviews in an easy-to-read format right on your Kindle, computer, tablet, or smart phone (plus, some great free gifts from everyone involved).

To grab your copies, just click here now, then click on “Week Two” at the top (under the banner). Once there, click on any of the Kindle books you’d like to download (mine included). And, once you have those, scroll further down the page to access additional gifts from this week’s fabulous featured experts.

Have you ever had anything fun like this happen to you without even trying? Please share you thoughts in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

P.S. If you take a peek at my ebook, enjoy it or find it beneficial, would you consider leaving me a review? You can do it here and, needless to say, I’d be thrilled.