Magnetic Copywriting: Convert Your Content From Mediocre to Monetizing

Frustrated with your web content?

Are you frustrated?
Do you feel like you’re wasting endless hours trying to create content and coming up blank?
Are you worried that prospects won’t respond to your message and you’ll be left hanging in the dark – no clients, no sales?


Say “Good-Bye” to Mediocre Copy.
You CAN Write Magnetic Content That Captivates & Converts Your Prospects Into Customers

As a service professional – someone who is dedicated to helping others succeed – one of the most important tools you have in your marketing toolbox is the content you use to communicate your message.

If you’ve been stressed out . . . looking at your web site and wondering “why isn’t anyone responding?” . . . feeling ready for a change in creative direction. It’s time!

Ignite your copywritingTime to ignite your prospects’ interest with a spark that bursts into lucrative relationships – even if your mind goes blank whenever you sit down to write.

Give me 21 days and get the business edge that so many others lack – the power to transform your copy from boring to brilliant . . . from mediocre to magnetic.

Communicate your message in a powerful way. Find the magnetic words that reach out to those whose needs you meet so that they’ll want to work with (and buy from) YOU.

When your words reach out to your ideal clients and touch their emotions, they connect with your message. And, that’s what gets them to respond.

Magnetic Copywriting is a power-packed home-study program designed to boost your copywriting skills so that, within 21 days (that’s just 1 session a week for 3 short weeks), you:

  • Access an arsenal of magnetic words for writing copy that converts.
  • Know the two powerful psychological triggers that grab attention and make good content great.
  • Communicate a clear message that motivates your buyers to respond.
  • Express your passion in a way that turns your words into skyrocketing results.
  • Switch out empty, mediocre copy for memorable words that monetize – so your prospects say “I want this now.”
  • Attract new clients so you can make an amazing impact on their lives.

Sign up today. Just $97.00
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Julia Neiman Empowering Young EntrepreneursThis course was a great boost to my ability to write great headlines and good sales copy. Debra’s instruction was spot on, clear and easy to follow. The templates she provides are an enormous benefit because you can use them going forward for a long time to come and it’s like you always have her guidance. If you need help writing great headlines and effective sales copy, this course is for you. – Julia Neiman, The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs,, California

I pack more than two decades of experience running my own copywriting business into a comprehensive 3-week home-study program – making it easy and fun for you. Highly motivated? Listen to each session consecutively and get going in less than 3 weeks!

Each pre-recorded teleseminar is accompanied by an Action Guide. Listen to them and uncover:

  • How to monetize your content with a simple 5-step copywriting formula that grabs attention and gets your prospects to say “Yessiree Bob (or Betty)” and click on that “buy now” button.
  • 12 pointers for writing attention-getting headlines that pique curiosity and draw prospects into your message.
  • Fill-in-the-blank headline templates that drive response. You’ll have several written and ready to use before the program’s end.
  • The one “magic bullet” to use for communicating your passion with heart, not hype . . . attracting new clients . . . making a difference in their lives.
  • 2 main reasons people buy and the 3 secret desires that influence their reasoning. Embrace your prospects with powerful, persuasive words.
  • The copywriter’s secret to writing better headlines. Learn from the best in the biz & dramatically improve your copywriting skills.
  • How to awaken the copywriter within you when you’re feeling stuck.
  • The ONE thing that makes the difference between grabbing your prospects’ attention so they read your content vs. click onto another Web site.

“This program was an absolutely eye opening experience of how and why properly written content is so essential to the financial success of any business.” -Todd Smith. CMO, National Women Business Directory,, Conyers, GA

Paula D'AndreaSince working with Debra, my voice is stronger, my message is clearer, and I’m getting more visibility and reaching more people. I want potential clients to read, and feel, my words. I wasn’t finding the words on my own, and I needed expert help.

My skill set is super important to me . . . I needed someone who would listen with a keen mind, who would insightfully ‘get it’ and have a quick turn around delivering my words back in a way that my clients will ‘get it.’ Everything you need for a successful campaign to get your word out.

Working with Debra, my layouts are better, the overall look improved and most of all, I have the confidence to put my work ‘out there.’ Thank you so much, Debra! -Paula D’Andrea, Transformation Specialist,, Los Angeles, CA

Plus, bonuses that include:

#1. Recordings of Three Live Teleseminar Sessions – Each accompanied by an Action Guide. Listen to each session repeatedly whenever it’s convenient for you. Value: $597.00

#2. Series of done-for-you templates that include:

  • A baker’s dozen of fill-in-the blank attention-grabbing headlines.
  • An easy-to-follow 10-step sales page – start writing with ease.
  • A simple formula for creating a succinct yet strong 30-second spiel.
  • A testimonial request letter to gather feedback from satisfied clients (and use them in your marketing).
  • A questionnaire to help you gain clarity and strategy before you start writing.

Value: $297.00

#3. Four How-To Marketing Reports that reinforce the content covered in the program and more:

  • “How to Get Amazing Free Publicity: 7 Simple Steps for Writing a Successful Press Release”
  • “Do Your Headlines & Calls-to-Action Go Ka-ching?”
  • “Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons: A 5-Step Copywriting Formula for Captivating & Converting Prospects Into Loyal Customers”
  • “6 Key Places to Find Your Best Clients.”

Value: $297.00

#4. 43 Powerfully Simple Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates – Thanks to my friend and blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer, this report is yours with her compliments. She offers thought-provoking tips and breaks the ideas down into five different categories along with examples. Use them not only for blog posts, but for sales page headlines, email subject lines and more. Value: Priceless

#5. Private membership in the Magnetic Copy Coffee Klatch – PRIVATE Facebook Group to connect & collaborate with your peers in between calls. Share your questions, joys, frustrations & successes. Value: $297.00

Purchase your copy today. Only $97.00
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Eyenie SchultzThe texts on my landing page felt clumsy and out of focus, and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted with conversion rates. Debra waved her magic wand and in just a few simple, laser-focused steps, guided me in making my text much stronger and clearer for my ideal clients to more easily “get it” and connect with my message.

She has a way of boiling things down so that you take away powerful, easy-to-apply tools and tips, without feeling any overwhelm. If you want the text on your landing page, website or marketing materials to POP in a crisp, clean and concise way, without losing any of your pizzazz, then Debra is The Communications Diva to go to! THANK YOU so much, Debra! – Eyenie Schultz, SoulStyle Coach,, France

And, I’ll make it even easier on you with a money-back guarantee!

Money-back guaranteeI believe you’ll find the tips and tactics covered in this program extremely valuable in elevating both your copywriting and marketing skills. The information provided is worth much more than the enrollment fee.

However, any concern you may have about investing in a new product is totally understandable. That is why you have 30 full days to listen to the sessions, review the bonuses and put the templates into action.

If you feel this course was simply not for you – there are no hard feelings. Simply email me and I’ll promptly refund your money. Not only that, you can keep the entire program along with all of your special bonuses absolutely free! It’s a no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

This is just my way of thanking you for your decision to invest in the Magnetic Copywriting home study program. Thank you.

Sean Malarkey raves about freelance copywriter Debra JasonHands down one of the best copywriters I have had the pleasure of working with.

Debra is punctual, delivers on time, and does an incredible job. She understood our audience, and was able to craft copy that makes sense & more importantly, increased conversions. Bottom line if you are looking for copy that speaks to your audience, gets them to take action and converts into sales – then contact Debra. – Sean Malarkey, Social Media Expert & Twitter Trainer, Santa Barbara, CA

Here’s to your sweet copywriting success!

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