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Copywriter Debra Jason and Blogging Authority Michelle ShaefferWelcome. You’re here because you attended the complimentary “Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons” teleclass with my host, Michelle Shaeffer, and me.

You’re ready to start writing and transform your prospects into happy, loyal PAYING customers. NOT!

What’s that?

Well, perhaps you are ready to start writing content for your sales page – you’ve defined your program/service & identified your ideal clients – but writing the content on your own is not what you had in mind.

Are you struggling with finding the right words to communicate your passion & promote your business?

Head in The Write Direction and I’ll help you transform your ideas into words so you can captivate, compel and convert prospects into loyal customers – with heart, not hype.

When the results of your current marketing efforts are less than you’ve anticipated, your message may be weak and tired. Ho, hum. Therefore, chances are it’s time to take a look at your content & revamp it. Charge it up . . . make it magnetic.

A fresh perspective – written by an experienced professional – can be the breakthrough that delivers the results you’ve been waiting for.

Sean Malarkey raves about freelance copywriter Debra Jason

“Hands down one of the best copywriters I have had the pleasure of working with. Debra is punctual, delivers on time, and does an incredible job. She understood our audience, and was able to craft copy that makes sense & more importantly, increased conversions. Bottom line if you are looking for copy that speaks to your audience, gets them to take action and converts into sales – then contact Debra.” – Sean Malarkey, Social Media Expert & Twitter Trainer, Columbus, OH

Don’t Wait Till You’re Crunching On a Deadline

As an attendee of “Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons,” you now know the 5-step formula for writing captivating and compelling content that converts. However, the best way to get results is to implement what you’ve learned right away. So start following the steps now, before you’re in a rush to get things done in order to meet a deadline.

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When you feel like you’re wasting hours trying to create content . . . worried that prospects won’t respond to it . . . or are burned out by doing it on your own . . . save yourself hours of frustration trying to struggle through writing it yourself.

Let me help you.

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Standard Price $1000, Today $597

“I own a direct response ad agency in PA and was skeptical about using a creative resource half way across the country. After working with Debra on two complex deadline driven projects — I’m happy to say that I’m no longer a skeptic! Testimonial Debra is a professional — she is intuitive — and she knows what it takes to get the job done. I would also consider her an expert in strategic online marketing and developing solid direct response copy for Web sites. . . . Simply put, I highly recommend her as a creative resource . . . “ — S. J. Cohen, Quattro Direct, Berwyn, PA

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7 Simple Steps for Writing Successful Press Releases
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Free How-To Marketing Report – increase your exposure with one of the How-To many reports I’ve written. This one is entitled “7 Simple Steps for Writing a Successful Press Release OR How to Obtain Free Publicity.”

“Thank you – I have learnt [sic] much in a short time. . . . I have read your How-To reports over the last three months and have begun to put your advice into practise. I recently sent a mailing to a selection of our customers . . . and have had a fantastic response.” — S. Cranny, Sales Director, Courtyard Electronics, United Kingdom

Free Testimonial Template – One of the best forms of marketing there is, is word-of-mouth. Let others who have used your services praise you in their own words. You’ll get a template of the letter I use to solicit feedback from my clients. Put it to use and get rave reviews from your happy clients – a great way to establish the KLT Factor (Know, Like & Trust) and build credibility.

Free eReport of the “Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons” teleclass. For those who got cramps in their hands taking notes, here is the teleclass information in a complimentary eReport. Refer to it whenever you need to.

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Copywriting Services from Debra Jason

My Stress-Free Guarantee to You

To successfully achieve your goals, your full cooperation, participation and commitment are part of the process. I stand behind my work and am committed to delivering high-quality content. However, if, after you’ve reviewed the fist draft, you’re not satisfied, then don’t stress. Give me a call. Your money will be refunded in full.

It’s Time! Time to Captivate, Compel & Convert Your Prospects Into Loyal Customers

You may have heard “content is king.” While it may sound cliche, the reason you hear it a lot is, it’s true! I’ve had clients call me saying they spent thousands on the design of their Web site, but they left the writing to their friend’s cousin’s brother – or the like. Then they find themselves back paddling, rewriting everything to make up for lost time (and sales). Don’t make this mistake.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have a professional copywriter – one who understands Internet marketing – create intriguing content for your sales page. You do what you do best, run your business. Let me help you by doing what I do best – writing.

Isn’t it time? Time to inspire, engage and motivate your prospects to respond so you can call them customers for many years to come?

I’m committed to helping you get there. Are you committed to moving forward?

It’s time. I’m ready & want to save more than $400. Let’s get started!
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