Are You Pinning Your YouTube Videos on Pinterest?

Earlier this month I received an email from colleague & YouTube authority James Wedmore. He was asking his subscribers if they had started pinning their YouTube videos on Pinterest.

I hadn’t thought about doing it, but pinning helps you reach more people, increase your video views and generate more leads. So, after receiving James’ email, I thought “why not?” and followed his advice. Then, right behind James’ heels, I came across my colleague and blogging authority Michelle Shaeffer’s video tutorial about pinning videos on Pinterest.

I’m sharing it with you here as it’s a quick and easy clip on how to you pin your YouTube videos. In addition to the video tutorial, Michelle’s blog post offers some great tips on why you should pin your videos. I know you’ll find them helpful so take a peek. Thanks Michelle.

Let me know when you’ve pinned your videos. Or, better yet, share your link below in the comments section for others to view. Thanks and have a great day.