Re-energize, Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Attitude

Positivity Project Imagine no longer hitting the “snooze” button in the morning or pulling the covers up over your head.

Instead, you wake up with a sense of enthusiasm and gratitude for being given yet another day.

You feel energized and excited regardless of what path lies before you. It’s a feeling that comes from deep within your heart and soul.

Thinking it’s not possible? That you’ve been SO down in the dumps, there’s no solution?

Perhaps you’ve been “shoulding” on yourself?

You feel like you should be:

• Moving forward, but you’re actually frozen and can’t seem to muster the energy to proceed
• Motivated, but you lack enthusiasm or a “get up and go” attitude.
• Focusing on things that matter, but question just what those things are.
• Happy because you have all the “right stuff,” but you feel like something is missing.

You’re feeling down when you want to feel up and that’s why you landed here – at The Positivity Project.

Shift to positivityWe have all had moments in our lives when it just seems like nothing is going right. You lose your joie de vivre and wherever you turn it seems like everyone has it made – except you – especially in this world of social media.

We’re Debra Jason and Karen Putz — online entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers — and we found ourselves dragging through life during a time we should have been enjoying it fully.

Every single day, we each posted positive uplifting stuff on our social media accounts. We weren’t just posting it for others — we were posting it for OURSELVES, in an effort to keep our own spirits up!

It wasn’t until we shared the struggle over lunch one day that we both came away reenergized and renewed. We also realized “other women feel this way too.”

So we asked ourselves, “how many of them would benefit from the uplifting energy of others?”

If you landed here then we’re guessing you are “one of us.” You’re ready for a change, but you want some support.

The Positivity Project was created for you.

“Working on how to become happier . . . will not only make a person feel better but will also boost his or her energy, creativity . . . foster better relationships . . . and even lead to a longer life.” ~Sonja Lyubomirsky

During this inspirational and thought-provoking program discover how:

• There are 11 different ways your attitude can positively affect your emotions and emotional health.
• You can shift your thinking to be more optimistic.
• To unwrap more passion in your life and for your life even when you’re not feeling all that passionate.
• Appreciating the smallest of things can make your day-to-day living more joyful.
• To free yourself from the draining “Energy Vampires” in your life.
• To engage with others with renewed energy.
• One question you ask yourself helps you purge the time-suckers so you can accomplish your goals.

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“Cultivating positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative and productive…” ~Shawn Achor

Negative thoughts and fears drain you of your energy. The more you pay attention to those little voices in your head, the stronger (and louder) they become.

How many times have you thought:

“If I get that promotion, I’ll be happy?”
“When I find my true love, I’ll be happy?”
“When I lose those last 10 pounds, I’ll be happy?”

Positivity Project
Stop waiting for that raise, the love of your life, the loss of the last 10 pounds. You can heighten your positivity, look at the bright side and pivot from pessimism to optimism now.

It is time to reflect, shift and make a change. And, it doesn’t have to be a drastic one. That’s why we developed this simple and short 4-week judgement-free program.

Participate in The Positivity Project and in just 30 days you’ll access:

1. Four Positivity Calls – Once a week we’ll get online for a live teleseminar. We’ll walk you through a process designed to uplift your spirits and shift your energy. It will be a time for Q&A as well. If something is weighing heavy on your mind, bring it to the call.
2. Recordings of the Live Calls – Listen to the calls repeatedly, whenever you need inspirational reminders AND whenever it’s convenient for you.
3. Transcriptions of the Calls – If you’re a visual learner, you can print out the transcripts, highlight key points you want to remember and refer back to it whenever you like
4. Private Membership in the Positive Peers Facebook Group: This is the place to share from your heart and “let your hair down.” Be real and raw and let us support you in moving toward genuine happiness. You can go here 24/7 to express yourself openly and honestly, without being judged. It will be a private/secret group so only those within the program can access it and see what you’re sharing. We each respect one another’s privacy and confidentiality.
5. Weekly Positivity Emails: Each Monday you’ll receive an email with a message to set the tone for a positive week ahead.
6. Positivity Prompt Writing Challenge: Journaling is a great way to process your feelings and let your thoughts flow. For 5 days you’ll receive an optimistic prompt to inspire you. Then, pick up a pen (not a keyboard), write (for only 2 minutes) and release some energy. Just one positive thought each morning can shift your outlook for the whole day.

PLUS, bonuses that include:

  • The Positivity Resource Handbook compiled by Karen Putz and Debra Jason – Here’s a list of books, links to articles, videos, podcasts that you can turn to when you need some extra encouragement and guidance.
  • A Baker’s Dozen of Positive Vibrations by Debra Jason – As the title implies, this handbook delivers inspirational reminders to lift your spirits.
  • 22 Lessons for a Passionate Life by Karen Putz – Wake up tomorrow with a whole new perspective on living a passionate life.
  • 95 Ways to Lift Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down – Real-life responses to the question. Read through the list and find inspirational practices you’d like to incorporate into your life.

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All this for only $49.00!

Money-back guarantee

We’ll make it even easier on you with a money-back guarantee.

We believe you’ll find the tips and support you receive from this program extremely valuable in shifting that negative energy into positive vibrations. The information provided is worth much more than the enrollment fee.

However, if after the first session, you don’t agree, let us know promptly (i.e., before the 2nd call) and we will refund your investment. We only want you to participate in this program if you want to be there wholeheartedly.

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“Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated…” ~Shawn Achor

No matter where you are on the positivity scale – extremely pessimistic, mildly sad, or just passing time – participating in The Positivity Project can energize and rejuvenate you.
Be Positive and Shine Bright
Keep your head up and be optimistic. You are alive today and able to pursue your dreams. You are an inspiration, a magnificent soul with unique gifts and talents to share with the world.

Sign up for The Positivity Project and let’s walk this path together. Allow your true self to be visible to others. Be humble and open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you.

YES! I want to sign up.

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Disclaimer: Please note that we are not therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists so use this information as our own personal journeys of coping. This program is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition, if you believe you or a loved one is suffering from depression or deep-seated emotional issues please seek appropriate help.