Quick Copywriting Tip: Convey These 2 Qualities To Attract Prospects To You

Copywriting Tip from Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring BudgetBe confident about who you are, what you have to offer and how you help people.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss

Your attitude and your visible confidence are two qualities that attract people to you. When you’re confident about yourself – as well as the program or service you’re offering and how it helps your ideal clients – that clarity comes across in your marketing message. When that happens, your prospects respond to you you in a positive way (and take action).

Does your confidence come across in your message and resonate with your prospects/customers? Please share your thoughts below because I’d love to hear from you. Here’s to your sweet success!

This is an excerpt from Chapter 17 of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™ Grab your copy here.

Debra Jason

Marketing & writing with heart, not hype at at The Write Direction
A recipient of the “Creative Person of the Year” award, Debra educates and empowers creative solopreneurs and enthusiastic business owners to create a lifestyle business that provides them with the flexibility, fun and freedom to do what they love. She also inspires you to communicate your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal, raving fans - even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past.


  1. Hi Debra- I’ve been learning more about branding from the inside out for at least the past six months. We are always representing our brands whatever we’re doing and wherever we are:-) Thanks for the reminder to consider the attitude and vibe I’m showing up with each day.
    Dana recently posted…I am the lightMy Profile

  2. Thanks for writing about confidence Debra, it’s such an contributing factor in the success of entrepreneurs. Confidence attracts others for sure.

    I also say why blend in when you can stand out for your mission and vision!

  3. This is such a huge concept that so many miss the mark on. If you can’t be confident in yourself, how on earth do you expect a potential client to have confidence in you!!?? I love this, thanks for sharing!
    Amy Zellmer recently posted…What Does Your Headshot Say About Your Brand?!My Profile

  4. Sometimes I get so bogged down in trying to explain what I do that I forget the confidence piece. Confidence is attractive, period. Thank you for sharing this so succinctly. I have some re-writing to do and pages to add to my site soon, so this is timely also. What’s your favorite confidence boost?
    Jacqueline Fairbrass recently posted…Angel Tarot Card of the DayMy Profile

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