How-To Catalogue

How-To Catalogue

How-To Reports help you enhance your marketing and promotional efforts. Expand your client base… boost sales… increase product awareness. Easy-to-read pointers guide you along the road to your success.

"Thank you – I have learnt much in a short time. . . . I have read your How-To reports over the last three months and have begun to put your advice into practise. I recently sent a mailing to a selection of our customers . . . and have had a fantastic response." — S. Cranny, Sales Director, Courtyard Electronics, United Kingdom

". . . a heart felt ‘thank you’ for some very useful information I found produced by ‘The Write Direction.’ The initiative you have shown in sharing your experience & knowledge regarding freelance writing has been a valuable asset to me. I felt I needed to express my gratitude . . . " — M. Friar

Whether you do your own writing, work with a freelance copywriter, or retain an agency, here is a collection of e-reports designed to help you take advantage of the power of the written word and more. Each How-To report provides you with valuable information in the form of easy-to-follow guidelines.

These reports are the smartest, most affordable investment you’ll make for your business. Available only through Debra Jason, The How-To Writer, order yours today. Once your payment is received, a .pdf file for the e-reports you ordered will be e-mailed to you promptly so there’s no charge for shipping.

Set #100ABCEF – Writing & Marketing Pointers

Packaged together, this set of 5 marketing reports includes:

  • Report #100A: Four Powerful Pointers For Writing Effective Marketing Promotions

    Working on a Web site, brochure, or catalog to promote your product? How do you go about persuading your audience to take action? Count on better results with the tips provided in this detailed report. It tells you how to catch your prospects’ attention. . . create the desire for them to buy your product. . . make it easier for them to buy. . . and more.

  • Report #100B: How to Write A Newsletter For Your Business

    Are you looking for ways to expand awareness. . . increase sales. . . develop your reputation as an industry leader. . . build your business? A newsletter is an excellent way to achieve these goals. Discover how to:

    • Choose stories that interest your readers
    • Create attention-getting headlines
    • Write copy that’s easy to read.

    Also includes important design tips for you to take into consideration.

  • Report #100C: How to Get Great Results From Your Copywriter In 4 Easy Steps

    Perhaps you hate writing. Or maybe, you’re so close to your product/service that it’s difficult to see the ‘forest from the trees.’ The more information you provide a writer, the better your end results. This valuable report gives you guidelines to follow when you’re working with either an in-house or independent copywriter. Be prepared before you meet with her/him — saving you both valuable time and money.

  • Report #100E: Seven Simple Steps for Writing A Successful Press Release OR How to Obtain Free Publicity

    When I first started my business I got my name in the paper at least once a month. Almost everywhere I went for business functions I heard, "I always see your name in the paper." People noticed and it didn’t cost me a dime! Discover how you can increase your visibility without paying a fortune for advertising space. This report outlines how to write press releases that bring you the results you want — coverage in the print media.

  • Report #100F: The Power of Proof OR How To Increase Your Credibility

    First, your prospects want to know "what’s in it for me?," but then they want to know that your company is the best one to provide the solution. How do people know that your company is reputable in its field? How do you let others know that your product/service really does what you say it does? With the "power of proof." Read about the proven methods used by professional copywriters. Includes a letter you can use to solicit testimonials from satisfied customers — your best "power tools" for increasing your believability among peers, colleagues and most importantly, your prospects.

ORDER SET #100ABCEF $49.95

Set #200ACDEF – More Writing & Marketing Success Tips

Packaged together, this set of 5 reports includes:

  • Report #200A: Satisfaction Guaranteed: How to Make Your Customers Feel Safe About Doing Business With You

    Satisfied customers repeatedly buy from you for a solid reason — they trust you and the quality of the product(s) they buy. This paper explores the "guarantee" and how it creates that feeling of trust. And, relieves your customers’ fears of buying. Read about the different types of guarantees you can offer (along with examples). Find out how to decide what type of guarantee is right for your business. Discover 4 keys to a great guarantee. 

  • Report #200C: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Dollar$ — A Checklist You Can Follow

    A comprehensive paper outlining over 40 questions to ask yourself before beginning your next direct mail campaign (or any marketing effort). The confidence you gain in uncovering the answers lets you plan a powerful and effective promotion. Includes a helpful 90-day time line that you can follow when scheduling your next campaign.

  • Report #200D: How To Motivate Your Customers and Prospects To Buy Your Product Or Service

    What you offer your customers can make the difference between your promotion’s success and failure. Are you giving them an incentive to "act now?" This paper highlights 10 factors to consider before formulating your offer. Choose from a long list of offers that are effective for getting leads. . . encouraging referrals. . . creating attention and excitement. . . increasing your response. . . building up the sale.

  • Report #200E: How To Create A Direct Mail Package: Helpful Hints For Maximizing The Power Of Each Component

    From the outer envelope to the reply envelope, there are many components to consider in a direct mail package. This paper takes a look at the various elements and how you can maximize each to create a powerhouse campaign. Discover 6 secrets for envelope success. . . a 7-step formula for effective letter writing. . . 6 quick and easy tips for developing your brochure. . . 5 pointers for making the most out of your order form.

  • Report #200F: 7 Surefire Steps for Increasing Brochure Readership — How To Save Time and Money When Planning Your Next Brochure

    If you’re thinking about a brochure for your company, careful planning is vital. The results of poor planning may mean you end up with less than you envisioned while spending more than you expected. Here are 7 pointers that tell you what to do before you begin writing and designing your pieces. Find out how to determine if you even need a brochure . . . translate a feature into a benefit . . . save yourself the expense of costly rush charges . . . and more.

ORDER SET #200ACDEF $49.95

Set #300BCDF – Writing for the Internet: Web Sites & E-mail

Packaged together, this set of 4 reports includes:

  • Report #300B: Direct Marketing Takes to the Web — Non-Techie Tips for Writing the Creative Content of Your Site

    Everyone’s been talking about the World Wide Web for some time now. Are you online with your own page yet? Before you cruise onto the Information Highway read this informative How-To report. You don’t have to be an HTML wizard to write your Web site, but you do have to know how to catch your viewers’ attention . . . hold their interest . . . get them to return to your site.  This report conveys the secrets of a successful site.

  • Report #300C: How to Successfully Market Your Web Site Online and Off

    The World Wide Web is like a direct mail package. In the same way that you have to intrigue prospects to open your outer envelope, you have to get your site noticed among the overwhelming number of sites continually going online. Guiding traffic to your site should be a vital component of your marketing plan. That’s why this report details the many avenues you can take — online and off — to drive prospects to your Web site so that you may profit from it.

  • Report #300D: How to Enhance A Web Site That’s Not Meeting Your Expectations

    As the popularity of the Web continues to increase, more and more concerned marketers are dissatisfied with the results they’re getting to date. If you’re doing all you can to aggressively market your site, online and off, what can you do if it’s still not meeting your expectations? Here are some pointers you may find helpful in boosting your results.

  • Report #300F: Taking Advantage of E-mail Marketing: Eight Guidelines for Using the Latest Marketing Weapon Wisely

    E-mail marketing is projected to grow into a $4.8 billion industry by 2004. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy and start zipping off messages haphazardly. Here are 8 guidelines to keep in mind before you send out a single message. Do so and you’re bound to achieve success.

ORDER SET #300BCDF $39.95

How-To Reports Available Individually

Report #200B: Feedback from Fundraising Pros: Boost Your Results Using "How-To" Advice From Industry Experts

A compilation of invaluable advice from an array of fundraising authorities: direct marketing consultants. . .copywriters. . . fundraising consultants and agencies. Review 4 trends in fundraising and how you can apply them to your endeavors. . . 3 different fundraising approaches you can consider for your next campaign. . . the secrets behind writing successful fundraising copy (including questions readers ask themselves when reading your request). Motivate your prospects to reach deep into their pockets.

ORDER REPORT #200B $7.95

Report #300A: So You’re Planning A Meeting — What’s Next?

Your company is holding a corporate meeting and you’ve been assigned as the ‘meeting coordinator.’ Great news? Not if you’ve never planned a meeting before. Here are 9 tips that will help you stay organized . . . ask the right questions . . . prevent any mishaps. Includes a valuable checklist to help you stay organized.

ORDER REPORT #300A $7.95

Report #300E: Putting a Price on Your Capabilities: How to Set Your Fees As a Freelance Writer

Before you hang up your shingle saying ‘open for business,’ how do you determine what your rates will be? This report discusses the importance of looking at your overhead expenses, your experience, and your geographic location. It also includes a useful formula for determining your fees by comparing it to an employee’s salary.

ORDER REPORT #300E $19.95

Report #400A: Ways to Market Yourself — and Your Business – For Less Than $100 Each

When times get tough, many companies begin cutbacks. Sometimes they let employees go, other times they eliminate their marketing. Staying in front of your customers and prospects is vital — even in slow economic times. This report explores 10 ways you can continue to market yourself without breaking the bank. Stay afloat even when the going gets rough.

ORDER REPORT #400A $19.95

Who Uses "How-To" Reports?

Savvy professionals who want to enhance their marketing and promotional efforts:

  • account executives
  • copywriters
  • graphic designers
  • marketing managers
  • product development directors
  • home-based businesses
  • small business owners . . .and more!

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