Maximize Your Marketing Online and Off

Maximize Your Marketing Online & Off – Presented by Freelance Copywriter Debra Jason

Debra Jason
Debra Jason

“Debra’s marketing seminar was presented in a clear, well-organized manner. The visual and written materials she used made learning easier and I walked away with some solid information and real guidance on what to consider in marketing my business. I have been able to immediately use what I learned.” –S. Kravtin, Kilauea, HI

Direct marketing covers everything from brochures and catalogs to direct mail and Web sites. Whether you want to develop your own Web site, send out a direct mail package, e-mail marketing messages, or hand out a promotional brochure, this participatory course helps you do a great job . . .

“If I had been aware several years ago of the valuable information I learned in one day through the class . . . we’d be so much further advanced. I can’t implement what I learned fast enough. Extremely valuable info. . . . if you apply some of the simplistic ideas Debra has to offer.” — C. Foster, Greeley, CO

Attend this seminar and you’ll be introduced to the basic yet essential techniques used to write powerful marketing communications — effective writing strategies that enhance your efforts and boost response rates.

Be prepared with the right dynamic tools! Attend an upcoming seminar and discover how to:

  • Catch your prospects’ attention and get them to respond to your offer.
  • Optimize the components of a direct mail package.
  • Develop a newsletter for your business.
  • Market your Web site online and off.
  • Improve your site’s relevancy to the search engines.

“Your non-technical approach was refreshing to see and hear. It helped the audience gain insight into how to make a Web site work for them without being intimidated!” –K. Velasco, Netrise, Inc., Boulder, CO

This seminar was first offered in a two-session format held on two consecutive Saturdays and was available through Boulder Valley School District’s Lifelong Learning Program.

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