Sharpen Your Marketing Tools: A 3-Part Series

Sharpen Your Marketing Tools: A 3-Part Series presented by Debra Jason

Debra Jason
Debra Jason

In an ongoing effort to provide its members with the tools they needed to successfully market their businesses, the Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce invited Debra Jason — freelance copywriter, Web marketing consultant and principal of The Write Direction — to present three comprehensive marketing seminars to its members and guests.

Do the same for members of your organization, business, or trade association.

Entitled, “Sharpen Your Marketing Tools,” each session runs approx. 2 hours and can be presented to members of your professional organization, members in a trade association or your employees.

  • Part I: How to Write Dynamic, Results-Oriented Marketing Materials
  • Part II: Maximizing the Power of the World Wide Web
  • Part III: Guidelines for Using E-mail Marketing Successfully

Marketing is an ongoing, integrated process vital to a company’s continued success. Whether you’re self-employed, own a small business, run a large business or are simply interested in marketing, this series introduces you to basic yet practical techniques for marketing your product or service. Interested professionals who attend can look forward to discovering:

  • Effective writing strategies that enhance their efforts and boost response rates.
  • Questions to ask themselves before they begin to promote their product or service.
  • An easy-to-remember 4-step marketing formula for surefire results.
  • 8 ways to attract their audiences’ attention.
  • How to enhance a Web site that’s not meeting their expectations.
  • Optimization pointers for achieving high rankings in the search engines.
  • The best time to send e-mail messages.
  • Factors that influence whether or not viewers will open an e-mail message.

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Currently, I do not have any sessions planned at this time. To find out about future seminars, or if you’d like me to present a seminar on-site to your organization or business (staff or colleagues), give me a call at (303)443-1942 or complete and submit the contact form today.

Celebrating 24+ years in business, The Write Direction, specializes in direct and Web marketing communications. Past President of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association (RMDMA), with a 25+ year background in the field of direct marketing, Ms. Jason is experienced in writing both consumer and business-to-business brochures, catalogs, direct mail packages, Web sites and more. She may be reached by phone at (303) 443-1942 or complete & submit the contact form.