Meeting Planners Praise Debra’s Skill at Inspiring Others

Meeting Planners and Participants Praise Debra’s Skill for Inspiring Others


Susan NewmanDebra’s presentation “Pushing Your Prospects Buttons” to the Broadcast Louder community was stellar and must be watched. It’s packed with important, insightful details, that teach us how to attract our target audience and know just what to say to them.

They will “get” what we’re about so we are building that know, like and trust factor which is crucial. Understanding how to craft your online messaging in just the right way is the key to your business success, and Debra knows just how to accomplish that and shares it with us.

– Susan Newman, CEO, Susan Newman Design Inc.


DinahSnowThanks for doing such a great job speaking to the International Coach Federation-Colorado chapter special interest group… Our members got great value and learned simple ways to maximize their LinkedIn profile to help them build their businesses. Plus, we enjoyed your relaxed, clear style!

– Dinah Snow, Communications Director, International Coach Federation-Colorado


Cheri Martin WCN Interactive…We are ecstatic about Debra’s knowledge and ability to deliver that knowledge to our audience in such an easy to understand way, so each attendee could implement her tips immediately. . . . members of our GPS Academy shared this with us; “Thank you Richard and Cheri for sharing Debra with us”, “Debra did an awesome job”, “This is a must see, I vow to keep this list handy as I create and re-create”.
We thank you Debra for making us look great! Your presentation was excellent and was jam-packed with such great information to help us all become better writers and attract the right clients to do business with us.

– Cheri & Richard Martin, The GPS Academy and WCN Interactive, Florida


Excellent presentation! I devoured the content and can’t wait to hear more from you. Highly recommend your You Tube series. That was the most informative and professional presentation. I felt like I was listening to a marketing therapist who would help guide me to financial freedom through better communication and writing. Thank you for sharing your genius! ~ Millie Batista, Photographer, New Jersey


MJJensenAs the Visionary Director of the Tucson Marketing Professionals, it is my responsibility to deliver relevant, clear and effective knowledge transfer events to my members. Debra delivered all of those and more! She made it fun, interactive and she provided information that my members could take away and use in their businesses immediately. I would highly recommend having Debra share ideas with your audience, too.

– MJ Jensen, Visionary Director of Tucson Marketing Professionals


Vicki Goldstein  - Colorado Ocean CoalitionThank you for being part of Colorado Ocean Coalition’s first team of Ocean Ambassadors!

Your presentation laid out the key components of why being social media savvy matters. Having the Ocean Ambassadors understand where their audience is and how to connect with them is a huge step to creating the Inland Ocean Movement. Thank you for guiding us on the types, the why’s and a few hot tips on the hows. I wish we had more time for I know you are a wealth of information.

– Vicki Goldstein, Founder, Colorado Ocean Coalition


JuliaNeimanDebra presented a webinar to my Rock Your Business Program about how to write compelling copy that converts. She is a very articulate speaker and packed an hour presentation with fantastic tips and insights in a fun way. I learned so much during the webinar that I signed up for her Copywriting course. . . If you want to know about good copywriting, Debra Jason is the person to learn it from.

– Julia Neiman, Rock Your Business Academy