The Secret to Becoming a Better Copywriter

Secret to becoming a better copywriter

“How did you become a copywriter?” “Did you study writing in college?”

These are just 2 questions I’m asked when my phone rings (or an email comes through) and there’s an aspiring copywriter on the line.

While some folks study English or journalism in college, I did not. I studied Communication Disorders, even got my Master’s degree in it. So how did I transition from being a speech pathologist into copywriting?

Well, in addition to down a few different career paths between the two, I wrote. And wrote some more. Yes, I had two mentors along the way, but as Copyblogger Brian Clark reveals below, one secret to becoming a better writer is just “keep writing.”
10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

Do you agree? Do these 10 steps work for you? Or, have you found another secret to becoming a better writer?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a million!

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