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Many times I’ve received e-mails from other independent writers asking about fees. In addition, in the past, I’ve entered online forums for freelancers and often seen numerous messages posted about the same topic. Usually, the query comes from someone – either a full time freelancer or an aspiring one – who is in a quandary about what’s acceptable. This free report is a result of those requests for information.

Believe me, it took some time and research for me to determine my worth when I first started in 1989. To help those of you who have called upon me, request this complimentary report and discover:

  • 3 areas to examine before you set your fees.
  • 9 factors to help you determine your tangible expenses.
  • How your experience factors into the equation.
  • Does where you set up shop affect your pricing?
  • Should you charge by the project or by the hour?
  • A formula one writer used to determine a freelancer’s market value.
  • A list of questions to ask yourself before you get started.
  • How to deal effectively with cancelled projects?

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