The Best Social Networker I Know – My Dog

Ike the Social NetworkerThis is Ike, my wonderful golden retriever. You may have seen his photo in a couple of my posts about marketing to pet lover lifestyles.

Yesterday was Ike’s 13th birthday. That’s 91 in “people years.” My beautiful boy is young at heart. Get him to the beach and he thinks he’s a puppy. I’m writing about him because I’m grateful to have him in my life.

Ike is a total beach dog. His “job” is fetching and while he doesn’t beg for food, he will stand at your feet, look up at you with his big brown eyes and push a stick toward you – repeatedly – until you pick it up. He begs for fetching. He’s persistent, but rarely does anyone deny him his request. Even one of the country’s past Presidents couldn’t say no to Ike. “I love your dog,” was his response after a few throws along the beach and into the ocean (Ike loves to swim. He used to dive too!).

Wouldn’t we all like that? Stand before a prospect, look at them with our big blue (brown, green, etc.) eyes and not have to say a word? He/she would know how we could best serve them?

Do You Have a Dog?

In addition to being great at meeting people on his own, I always meet people when I walk the beach with Ike. Some of them have become dear friends (and are proud owners of “I like Ike” t-shirts). That’s why I have often said he’s the best social networker I know.

Ike definitely prefers people to other dogs. That’s because he thinks he’s a person too. I’m so lucky to have him in my life. He’s an awesome companion who oozes love and brings smiles to the faces of everyone he meets. He has a heart of gold.

Do you have a dog? What’s his/her favorite activity and do you find you meet people everywhere you go when your dog is with you?

I’d love to “meet” you and your fabulous furry friend. Please share your comments below. I’ll let Ike know you said “hello.”