SWDYD BONUS: The Secret to Connecting & Engaging With Your Prospects

For solo- and entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches . . .

When you pick up a pen (or put your hands on the keyboard), do you struggle with getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper?

What to write about?If a blank page or computer screen often stares you back in the face when you want to create web or sales page content, then you’ll find this How-To e-report beneficial as you read through its pages.

As a passion-driven solopreneur, one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox – when you want to connect and engage with your prospects – is the COPY.

This How-To e-report reveals:

  • Two key components that are vital to know BEFORE you ever put your pen to paper or call a copywriter to do the writing for you.
  • What does it mean to “tap into your prospects’ pain?” Why do I want to do that?
  • Two ways to have a personal conversation with your prospects so they feel you’re talking TO them, not AT them.
  • One thing that drives your message home & shows the value your prospects gain when investing in you.
  • Two little words that make a BIG impact.
  • An easy-to-follow formula to tempt your prospects.

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