Marketing Strategies: What’s Your Number One Marketing Rule?

YouTube Thumbnail Mktg Strategies-No1uleWhen I deliver presentations about marketing, I often ask the audience, “What does marketing mean to you?”

At first, there’s a hush in the room. After giving it some thought, people begin to call out their answers and, as you might imagine, there’s some variety.

I decided I would ask this question in one of the groups I’m in, “What one question/challenge comes to mind that you’d like the most help with, when it comes to marketing?”

There were several replies (i.e., questions/challenges) so my next decision was to begin a series of videos to answer them. Here’s the first one: “What’s your number one marketing rule?”

Several “rules” came to mind, but here’s one I highlighted in this short video (under 2 minutes).

What’s your number one marketing rule? Is it the same as or different from the one I explained in the video? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you.