What’s Your Word for 2015?

For the past couple of years, toward the end of the year, I have posted this question on social networks. I have received a lot of wonderful feedback from those who replied in the past so I’m continuing the tradition again this year. Perhaps one (or several) of these words will serve as inspiration for you (in your life, your business or perhaps, when you blog).

What is your word for 2015%

What’s your word for 2015?

Here are some of the words and creative responses my friends and colleagues shared with me on both Facebook and LinkedIn:

Patty Farmer – Leverage
Christiana Molinari – Excellence
Laurie Nicholson Pena Scheiner – Gratitude
Margie Hanson – Clarity
Kimberly Spear – Sagacity
Chasen Chess – Change
Lisa Montanaro – Adventure
Kim Adkins – Aloha
Tanja Gardner – Flow
Molly Ksander – Peace within
Melodieann Whitely – Renew
Phyllis Lippe – Simplify
Pam Thayer – Love
Judy Cummings LaMaitis – Exciting
Desiree Wolfe – Prosperity
Michelle Mazur – Harvest
Donna Kozik – Engagement
Robert Kennedy III – Impact
Robyn Mather – Expansive
Maria Tesoro – Thrive
Randy Kozerski – Forward
William McPeck – Action
William Starks – Focus
Maria Adkins – Breathe

When I asked myself this question last year, the answer was GRATITUDE. Each day I either wrote down or thought about what I was grateful for and that’s a practice I’ll continue.

The word EMPOWERMENT also came up for me in 2014 and with the release of my book around the corner, I’ll be able to reach out and empower more people to gain exposure for their business, attract more happy clients, succeed in their endeavors and live their dreams!

Now, when I ask myself the question “What’s your word for 2015?”, the answer that rises to the surface is LOVE – love for family, friends, and colleagues, expressing love in the message I share with others, spreading and accepting an abundance of love in my life and finding my true love & life partner.

Adventure . . . focus . . . prosperity. Do any of the above “mantras” resonate with you? Please share your inspirational word for the new year in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their word(s). Here’s wishing each and every one of you lots of joy, love, laughter and sweet success in the new year.