What’s your word for 2014?

I posted this question on Facebook at the end of last year and received a lot of wonderful (and inspirational) feedback from those who replied. So I decided it was worth surveying my colleagues once again and offering a repeat performance. . .
What is your word for 2014?

What’s your word for 2014?

Here are some of the words and creative responses my colleagues shared with me (along with links to them on Facebook if you’d like to connect).

Kellie Frazier – My word is “INSPIRE” in all caps.
I=Indulge in what brings joy
N=Necessary to do only that which brings income
S=Sing through the storms and til your heart’s content
P=Point yourself in the right direction
I=Intuitively design your world
R=Rejuvenate when needed
E=Enter the stage fully prepared and loving it

Oma Edoja – For now, mine is “Leadership.” May change! Thanks, by the way, Debra! This can help to define the year.

Patty Farmer – My word is “design” 2014 is all about designing the life I want to lead personally and professionally . . . 2014 is MY year!!

Ava Diamond – Mine is expansion : )

Hazel Walker – My word is Intention…I have created work I love and a life I love but want to be very intentional about everything I do this year. Nothing done out just habit.

Robert Nissenbaum – Family

MJ Jensen – Results

Don Ledbetter – Follow-through

Gaya Zeiter – Positivity

Sue Barnes Porter – LEAP, helping my clients take big leaps, not baby steps! Getting out of their comfort zone and strategically utilizing their talents, gifts, training, and education to fulfill their God-given mission in life!

Michael C. DeShalit – Blessings!

Peggy Kemp – Focus. Being more focused in the present moment – especially when working

Natalie Marie Wheeler – Mine is “Done!”

Mary Murray – Happiness

Joel Comm – Comeback

Jason Nicholas – Ink-spire

Paula d’Andrea – ROCK.. as in Body Rock Breakthrough Program, Rock it out gurl, Time to Rock!

Georgina Sweeney – Limitless

PeggyLee Hanson – More of a theme – financial abundance.

Dorit Sasson – How does one translate getting clear on what you want and going for it into a word? Passion? Action? (My answer in reply to Dorit was “Clarity.”)

Kirsten H. Michel – Said with the zeal & vigor of Mel Gibson’s character in the best scene of Braveheart…FFFRREEEEEDOOMMMMM! Okay, couldn’t pick between that one and RADIANCE! Thanks for asking and getting me thinking about it!

Ay Cee – Mine is “balance.”

Shelly Moreau – Mine is going to be “growth.”

When I asked myself this question, the first word that came to mind was GRATITUDE – grateful everyday for even the smallest of wonders. Since then, the word EMPOWER has also come up for me. In the coming year, I want to empower others to gain exposure for their business, get more clients, succeed in their endeavors and live their dreams!

Family . . . focus . . . happiness. Do any of the above 1-word mantras resonate with you? If not, please share your inspirational word for the new year in the comment section below because I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to include your Facebook link if you’d like others to connect with you as well.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their word(s). Here’s wishing each and every one of you joy, prosperity and sweet success in the new year.